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Mud Address: 8888
Codebase:            [MUCK] Fuzzball
Listing Last Updated:     August 17, 2018


AR is a transformation based muck, not focusing on role play, but certainly geared towards that. Basically, it's just a place to explore transformations in a friendly environment. We're small, but we're hoping to grow soon. We're a muck, but we're very newbie friendly, but not really newbie oriented. The wizzes are very helpfull. Charactor creating is a breeze, just ask a wizz to set one up for you, and you can be mucking ASAP. We need expert muck builders right now, and coders would be nice. We have a variety of sub universes that represent various story uinverses from the TSA mailing list. So, come and join a fast, small, but getting ready to explode muck.

Mud Theme: Transformational RolePlay, but not limited to that.

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# Days Listed7334
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# Days With Status617
Total Telnet Attempts6110.083
Total Website Attempts2850.039
Telnet Attempts This Month2778.935
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