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Twilight is a roleplay-intensive environment, whose pivotal element is that of the myths and legends of creatures and beings hidden from the human world but very much part of it. Players should either make their characters into beings that can appear as human, or at least as a normal animal (such as a domestic dog or a sewer rat) in public, and have a true nature somewhat more paranormal (ie: Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Faerie, etc.). Alternately, players can also play true humans, who may or may not have some kind of education in this strange world going on right beneath their noses. The city is dark, techno-gothic, and should have plenty of mystery.

To get a better feel for the MUCK, we recommend visiting Twilight as a guest before you send email for a character. Innovation and creativity are encouraged in both character creation and tinyplot development! Players are allowed to make up their own 'race' to accomodate their needs, so long as it remains in theme and not overly powerful.

Mud Theme: That which is kept hidden from mortal eyes...

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