The Mud Faq

TMC is proud to be able to take over maintenance and upkeep of the MUD FAQ, created and maintained by Jennifer Smith since 1990. The MUD FAQ is a general-purpose document designed to introduce the prospective mudder to various aspects of mudding. The FAQ is broken down into 4 main sections:

Part 1: MUDs and MUDding contains general information about muds and mudding, connecting to muds, mud etiquette, and some commonly used terms found within muds.

Part 2: MUD Clients and Servers contains general information about mud clients and mud servers and provides links and descriptions of various types of clients and servers that are available.

Part 3: RWHO and mudwho contains basic information about RWHO and mudwho, utilities for getting information about who is logged into a mud at a given time.

Part 4: Servers at a glance contains a more detailed breakdown of the various mud server types that are available. This section is limited right now but will grow with time.