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Welcome to Dragonball Z Universe.

We're back! it's been 12 long years. But we're constantly updating the game now. So far we've added an Open World type Acsii mapping system, combined with an old mapper system from AFK-Mud. We're looking for people to come and help us fix some balancing issues. So feel free to drop by and let us know how you are after all these years. Even with the new changes, we still have that DBZU feel. We're just gonna make your game play a little bit less tedious.

02/28/2020 We've made a lot of updates to the game. For information regarding changes, check our website.

Mud Theme: DBZ DB dball dbiw Dragonball DragonballZ DragonballSuper

Client Recommendation: MushClient( Courier New Font - 10 PT )

Additional Noted Features:

  • Open World Map System
  • Inner World Map System
  • Beautiful Ascii Maps
  • Players and Mobs on Maps.

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