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Old campy 2.4.5 style. D&D inspired themes. Web based character creation. Once one of the top 20 most popular MUDs on the 'net, around 1994, with a consistently packed 80 players online and a queue system for getting on (boy was that awesome and horrible).

The bartender will summon you back to town if you try to leave town when you're level 1. Please explore town first. The world is full of secrets and magic but not really players. There's a bulletin board in the church, s,e,e,n from the pub you land in you when you log in, and the pub is safe.

AfterHours in some form ran almost non-stop since about 1991. Around 1994, the Gods took the MUD down and factions fought over a backup from 1992. This is one of two of those. I was Phaedrus of AfterHours and I'm logged on as Scrottie.

We had one of the earliest 2d map based GUI systems written in JavaScript for Netscape 2.0 (server-push and faked AJAX) then again in Java then in Flash but this is not currently operable. The in-band (over telnet) protocol is still there.

Additional Noted Features:

  • IRC gateway on weehours.net: /join #mud to connect.

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