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Mud Address:    yay.tim.org 5440
Web Address:    http://www.tim.org/
Codebase:            TIM MUSH Code
Listing Last Updated:     October 29, 2004


TinyTIM is the world's oldest continual MU* in existance. We have a blistering social scene with frequent headache-producing events and various other things that make your stomach hurt. Most people never live through the experience, but that doesn't stop them. Our wizards are utterly arbitrary, and we've been known to turn people into lawn chairs for using the letter 'o' in their name. We have a Pern Weyr that's really nice, except the carpeting is very ugly. Come on down and hang out in the TinyTIM Main Area Place (the Nexus), which we stole from TinyHell and they can't have it back, the bastards. It likes us better anyhow.

We're run by a cow and a fish and some Klingons and a few dragonriders and an ancient Native American god and a guy who's really both a guy and a girl, plus some others. Sometimes it gets confusing, and often frightening. But hey, you only live once. Oh! Nearly forgot. We're not just a big game; we're a REALLY big game.

Mud Theme: Social

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TinyTIM Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed7974
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status55
Total Telnet Attempts4390.055
Total Website Attempts5410.068
Telnet Attempts This Month34611.161
Website Attempts This Month39112.613