Stardust and Lightblades
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The realm of Goltavia was shaped from darkness by the will of a power-hungry gnome who some believe became a god through stolen means. Others believe it was the Fates themselves. He twisted and molded the world into his whims but soon found that his control was not as complete as he had hoped. Creations took on minds of their own and rebelled against his wishes, using the very gifts given by the power he had touched. Over time, cultures gathered and spread out across the land. Mortals learned and their minds expanded. Nations began to rise and fall. Secrets were made and lost behind the gaze of the gods. What place will you take in the midst of it all? Will you defend the innocent? Take advantage of the moment? Or perhaps, you will just try to survive the games of the gods.

We are currently in the alpha stages, seeking both roleplay staff leaders and experienced builders. We are also looking for players to test and just come enjoy what we have been creating. Spells and combat are being enhanced with specialty realms in the works that players develop through a classless system of point allocation and questing. Many more features are in-progress such as extensive area and global questing, crafting, fishing, remort race transformations, auto-transportation (ships, carriages, airships, portals, etc). RP is not enforced, but it is highly encouraged and players who do not partake in at least some may find themselves at a disadvantage.

Please stop on by (although pardon the dust)! See how you can help or just get in early for a character's presence in the world as the dust starts to clear!

Mud Theme: Fantasy/Steampunk

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