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Star Wars: Rebirth is a roleplay focused Star Wars MUSH set around 20 ABY mostly based on legends canon, but avoiding the NJO timeline. Unlike legends canon, we're based on a competent admiral Daala and a higher population of Force users, both in and out of the Jedi. The Sith Empire had a temporary resurgence, and other traditions can be found occasionally (e.g. Martials of the Sky). Our ruleset is WEG D6 base, heavily customized with custom skills and attributes. We try to offer a more open experience in theme, having originally been established as a place for people to play after their old MU*s were closed. Characters on Rebirth tend to be outside the usual roles and archetypes, often tending toward characters on the fringes or simply out of the ordinary. Former scrap slaves turned Jedi, sapient droids with clone trooper companions, and even a Hutt mercenary have played major roles in our game.

Character types are not population restricted - force users, Mandalorians, Hutts, even senators are open for players who provide a solid background and demonstrate clear understanding of character and theme. We're all here to have fun, and that guides every decision we make.

Mud Theme: Currently 20 ABY, custom offshoot of Legends canon

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