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The year is 2387. The Federation is finally recovering from the disaster that was the Dominion War. The Klingon Empire, though still allies of the Federation, have eyes only for their current war with the Gorn Hegemony. Tensions between the UFP and the Romulan Star Empire are ratcheting up once again as Starfleet ships start vanishing without a trace while patrolling the Neutral Zone. Starfleet Command is worried. They smell another war.

In response, Starfleet launches an unconventional training program for an elite group of cadets, out in the darkness on the edge of the Federation frontier. The challenge? Learn the skills the academy can teach (and some that it can't) in less time than the standard Academy program.

Sometimes A Great Notion TrekMUSH is currently open for apps and RP.

Our primary setting is Outpost 838, a Federation space station in the Psi Octantis system. Occupying a place on the thin line of stations that Starfleet has in the Beta Quadrant, it serves as a bulwark against the expansion of the Romulan Star Empire. And relations with the Empire are currently not good.

We are seeking Starfleet officers, enlisted and cadets as well as Civilians of all sorts.

We are more than willing to work with you on your concept and look forward to seeing you on the game.

Our website: Our game: port 2120.

Mud Theme: 2387 in the Prime Timeline

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