Shadows of the underworld
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Welcome to the shadows, In this world the howling of wolves can bring a shiver to your backbone, and those shadows in that alleyway appear to be moving. Why does this room that you are in look different than it was a few seconds ago, and why is it that this bookish type of guy is staring at you so intently. In this world, werewolves roam through the remaining wild places of midgaard, and danger lurks in the shadows of the alleys or in the room you are in. This is a godwars mud that is using the old Ethereal Mist codebase. What does this mean for you, well this godwars actually requires work to get to statcap, and it takes time to make your own armor as well as to acquire your class powers. Heck it is even going to take you some time to join the supernatural’s, but once you do you will know the powers your class has, how to run, as well as how to start the fight. Hopefully with this much knowledge of your character it should make for a more interesting, or even an entertaining game. We have completed quite a bit of bug testing, and phasing out so the game is completely playable. Please come on in and enjoy a great mud. If you find any bugs during play please let me know.

Mud Theme: Pk/Roleplaying

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