Ruins of Crestil
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Ruins of Crestil is an all-new MUD offering a wide range of innovative features such as a procedurally-generated wilderness and interactive NPC conversations. Set in a fantasy-themed world, ROC takes place just as humanity dares to revisit the Surface, on a world overrun by a maleficent force called the Mist. Come explore a vast, living world, breaking ground across the uncharted wilderness and delving into the lost history of ancient civilization.

With our unique 'soft' class system, players are free to select any five from a growing list of skills, cobbling together a 'class' of your own to play. Our levelless system allows players to focus on perfecting the skills you choose, rather than completing menial, grindy, and unrelated tasks.

Our emphasis on a vibrant, interactive world means that NPCs and animals have personalities and react to players and events in meaningful ways. Building your reputation with various peoples and places may unlock new and better content from denizens of those places. Interact with NPCs via a 'conversation menu', eliminating the guesswork behind saying the right words or performing the right actions. Conversations allow access to features such as taking and turning in quests, getting directions, soliciting information about the world, and even finding other players who list themselves as looking for roleplay.

ROC's well-rounded economy consists of players gathering materials from the open world, then crafting those materials into fully-customizable objects. Players may rent rooms, open shops, purchase housing plots, and interact with various NPCs to take advantage of services such as listing items for sale with a local peddler.

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