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Come and visit Roma Aeterna mux, a bdsm and kink-friendly roleplaying mux with a science fantasy theme. The game is set on a space-station and the surrounding planets in a world where the Roman Empire never was defeated and became the world's and the galaxy's main power. Roma Aeterna mux uses a simple gamesystem of fourteen skills, that can be used to resolve conflicts or to reflect cooperation in a story.

Other important information about Roma Aeterna is that though slavery is common, there are types of slaves that get to order free people around, and there are several levels of slaves as well as several levels of free people. Slaves and free people have the same points, right and options oocly, including that slaves are allowed to build and it is not hard to find in character ways for slaves to be permitted the use of a personal living space.

Public areas will have different levels of sexual acts allowed in the game, areas that are PG, areas where all kinks can be played out, and areas where specific kinds of kinks are welcome and other kinds are not. One of the important reasons for us to create this game was to make a place where people who have trouble playing in public on most BDSM mushes could find a safe place to share stories and grid play.

If you have problems connecting to the url, you can also connect to port 5151. We are a very new mux, though building the grid and coding the system took a while. Come help us grow!!

Mud Theme: BDSM-friendly Science Fantasy

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Review posted by Robby
Posted on Thu Nov 3 09:00:52 2016 / 0 comments
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The Setting is interesting, and the system is well-arranged, but they are a little TOO hung up on the RP limits of their characters, having multiple overlapping systems for flagging subjects that you're not supposed to TALK about when a character who has flagged those topics is in the same room. I respect OOC limits, including those that are IC-related, not wanting to RP 'X', but beyond making it a hard... 'if you're pushing, you're in the wrong' rule, and making the list of people's preferences easily accessible, it's ridiculous to have to separate +finger-like info pages for a character, AND a write-up appended to the bottom of the desc, just so that someone might not have to hear something that bothers them, on an adult themed mush.

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Review posted by Daphni
Posted on Mon Nov 3 09:45:14 2014 / 0 comments
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Roma Aeterna MUX has to have, in my opinion one of the best set of friendly staff I have ever seen. This is a game where the staff members actually care about their players, and are willing to go out of their way to make sure that every player is getting the help they need for Character Generation and general RP if needed.

The theme and plot allow for a lot of freedom on the player's part, allowing almost any character type to be played. And while it is an Adult Based MUX, they even have a Stats system in place to keep things fair.

All in all, I'd have to say that the game itself is a place where people can relax, RP in freedom with a staff of people who care about their game, and their players, give them a try!

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