Razor's Edge
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Header: XC-787-CVB-7676653-F-23-AG-99999-SX-DX-SLX-X-98
From:ORG%UK.ORG.POLICE::"BSU083"  5-FEB-2061 10:54:27.05
To:  CU-89-987-987-388-525-
Via: UK.NET.CLIPPER-HOST; Fri, 5 Feb 11  10:54 GMT
Date:           Fri, 5 Feb 11  10:49 GMT
From:           "BSU083"@UK.ORG.POLICE
Encryption: 256-BIT CLIPPER V4.2 (Copyright U.S. Gov.)
From: D.S. I. Hackit
>We have recieved the following information - hope it is of
> Detective Sergeant I. Hackit 

Razors Edge

Edgeworld is the latest development in fantasy theme parks, where YOU actually live as another person in another time. It strives to be more than a MUD, rather A Multi-User Universe. We welcome all and offer a lifetime's interest free credit for our services.

From the moment you begin your virtual vacation, no effort will be spared in offering you the ultimate in techno-fun. From the city of Midgaard, where you first don your virtual armor our technicians will monitor your vital signs - should your vital signs and stress levels even approach danger point, our ever vigilant technicians will pull the plug. It's our boast that no-one has ever (yet!) been killed or even slightly maimed through playing our MUU.

>Yeah right! Intelligence tells us that there are two or three
> people a week who end up with their brains fried just 'cos
>they tried to STOP playing...
> They got some serious Ice that screws with your mind in this
> thing.
> Our Intelligence also revealed this leaked internal report. 

 Memorandum to Edgeworld committee DATA VACATION CORP.
          Classification : 
          Clearance required : ALPHA-ONE-OMEGA
          Title: Crash report

The Edgeworld itself, as you know, was originally split into three distinct areas, the fantasy zone, the historical zone, and the futuristic zone. Unfortunately during a routine backup of Razor, the SMP computer which holds the Edge world, we suffered a major hacking attempt, which has left many of the more advanced systems de-activated. Most of the data was written back to disk before the system crashed, but some vital structures weren't. We have initialized Razor's self diagnostic and repair functions, but they don't seem to be working quite as designed. Some of our MOBS (Menial Orderly Bionic Servants) seem to have lost their programming and become rather more free thinking than they were intended. They may even prove dangerous to the guests. This is as a direct result of the Board's decision to keep no hard copy of anything, preventing us from recompiling manually. We ARE making breakthroughs every day which do allow us to bring more of the resort back on line, however they are not stable. The current fatality rate amongst players is very high. We are not hopeful of the system's natural ability to restabilise itself. Razor itself is dangerously unbalanced we are unable to predict what will happen as the self diagnostics and repair bring more zones and MOBS back on line. As an example we have had guests complaining of temporal distortions, aggressive MOBS, and some zones where other guests have quite clearly gone mad, and are attacking their fellow guests. I feel that we should close the park to new access, and unload all current characters. Failing this I see no choice but to offer my resignation.

Charles Coder (Systems manager)

Mud Theme: Multi-Genre

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