Raze the Dead
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The year is 1998; the final embers of human civilization burn in ruin. A contagion of undeath spread by cosmic radiation is reanimating the dead and recently deceased, unleashing them from their graves to devour the flesh of the living. World governments, their societies, their infrastructures, have collapsed, leaving in their wake a vacuum of power to be claimed by those among the living with the might to claim it.

Civilization again rises from its ashes as the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse band together to govern and protect themselves in makeshift settlements scattered throughout the unpopulated countrysides of the world. It is from these outposts that they defend themselves against the overwhelming zombie hordes while looting abandoned cities and municipalities for the hardware and medical supplies desperately required for their continued survival.

Stationed in makeshift laboratories protected by Unified Settlement Control, scientists frantically search for a reversal to the undead reanimation with what few and depleting resources remain. Some believe the key to be biological in nature, focusing on chemical and genetic re-mutations that will slow, prevent, or reverse reanimation at the cellular level. Others contend that this is a lost and cost-ineffective cause, preferring to focus on possible behaviorial modifications to tame or control the existing zombie masses.

As each day passes the grinding zombie onslaught takes its toll on the ranks of settlement militias. As militia ranks thin, basic resources such as food, water, and fuel become increasingly difficult to obtain. Civil unrest begins stirring within the general populations, and panic tightens its grip ever further.

The time has come for the final confrontation between humanity and the dead for dominion of the Earth.

But unlike the living, the dead never rest.

Mud Theme: Zombie Apocalypse

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