Rawdawgs: Unlimited
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Rawdawgs is a unique godwars that offers a bunch of things together to just make the game fun to play, along with allowing you to kill everyone as well. We have a kingdom code for players to create thier own kingdoms and auto run quests and player requested quests. We also allow up to 3 total classes to be played at the same time. Added in a few perks to make the gameplay fun and unique. We welcome all players to join in on the fun and enjoy the world of godwars has to offer. If you have any questions as any immortals or use the board system to leave a note for players or immortals to respond to.

Additional Noted Features:

  • Remorting: Allowing multiclassing up to 3 total classes at one time.
  • Trivia System - Immortal run and Auto
  • Random Tokens from Mobs and Quests

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