Prometheus: The Eternal Wars
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Prometheus, the Eternal Wars!

We offer a variety of things players can do, such as: • airspace combat • airspace missions • airspace scooping • animal hunting • asteroid hauling • asteroid harvesting • asteroid mining • archaeology • artifact hunting • comet harvesting • combat vehicle missions • combat vehicle training • debris salvaging • deliveries • derilict hunting (probing) • horse riding • material trading • mining • pearl diving • relic hunting • remote deliveries • shipwreck grabbing • star researching • starship building • starship combat missions • starship training • trash collecting and much, much more!

Beware the enemy, for you never know when it strikes... We have a number of great admins who're always willing to help new players, so you definitely won't get lost if you decide to come and take a look. Our goal is to give all players the best experience they possibly can have... Without forgetting the importance of laugh at times!

Got interested? Point your MUD client to, port 2223

Mud Theme: Space.

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Review posted by General Brooks
Posted on Wed Apr 24 07:58:43 2013 / 0 comments
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I totally love this MOO! Its action-packed space fighting is awesome, and so is its fantasy side. I encourage everyone to connect to, port 2223 on their default mud client!!!

The MOO has so much to do, from debris salvaging, to asteroid hauling and bounty hunting, and combat missions!

SO many weapon types to choose from, and more to come!

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