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Naruto MUSH Legacy is a text-based roleplaying game set in the fictional universe of the Naruto series. The game begins just a few years after the founding of Konohagakure with an alternative theme to canon that allows our game to be player-driven. You will be able to make a Konohagakure or Independent shinobi and more affiliations are planned for the future as our game grows.

You can expect to find a friendly environment with people who are willing to help one another learn the game. Knowing the series is helpful, but not required!


* In-depth character generation * Several clans with special abilities * Personal and unique Nindo (Ninja Way) for every character * Both Player- and Staff-run plots * Unique custom jutsu for each character * Fully customized combat built /only/ for this game * A grid for both Land of Fire and Land of Noodles with more on the way * Emphasis on paragraph style roleplaying * Dynamic XP gain based on RP effort * Legacy Point rewards that can be spent on any of your alts

Mud Theme: Naruto

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