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The year is Universal Century 0099.

It has been over a century since humanity began colonizing the solar system, with the dream of expanding humanities influence into the stars. In this time, the Earth Federation has ruled over Earth, and the Colonies. It has been a century besieged by constant warfare, and yet despite this, the Earth Federation, has held strong despite internal strife and corruption.

With the development of the Mobile Suit, warfare changed forever. It was the rebel colonists following the ideals of a man named Zeon who were at the forefront of this technology, using it to enact vengeance against the Federation in their fight for freedom. If not for the Earth Federations development of their own Mobile Suit technology, Codename: GUNDAM, the war might have been lost.

The tide was turned and the original Zeonic rebels were defeated at the end of the year 0079 after the loss of over five billion human lives, and irreparable damage to the Earth itself. Two decades of intermittent warfare later, on the dawn of a new century, the Republic of Zeon prepares to relinquish its autonomy and once more become part of the Earth Federation.

This new peace is threatened by those who cling to old hatreds, and lost ideals as war once more threatens to engulf humanity.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC100 is a Science Fiction RPG set within the Universal Century timeline. UC100 focuses more on the Military & Space Opera aspects of Gundam, with a vision of a grittier feeling setting full of drama, intrigue, and war. This is inspired by works within the Gundam series itself which take more serious tones.

Players take on the role of pilots, the crew of the warship Nahel Argama, and even civilians as they work together to stop the threat of war from breaking out once more.

Current Storyline - UC0099 Alpha Protocol Federation Forces track down a rogue unit of Zeon Remnants as part of trial runs for the RX-103 Telemachus.

Our game is currently in ALPHA TESTING.

Mud Theme: Science Fiction

Additional Noted Features:

  • Web Integration
  • Logging
  • Custom Systems

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