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Kishi Kaisei is a Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) Mux using the 4th Edition rules by AEG. It is a game of swords and samurai, of deadly intrigue hidden behind paper fans and fake smiles, and of magic, where priests beseech the elemental spirits for aid. The Great Clans struggle both against one another for influence throughout the Empire, and against the eternal threat of the Shadowlands, a literal land of evil, while individual samurai must weigh ambition against honor.

Set after the internecine conflict of the Clan Wars, the Empire is currently adjusting to the reign of a new Imperial dynasty while recovering from the wounds of war. A new generation of ambitious leaders chafes against the authority of an aging Shogun, and the clans, once forced into peace by sheer exhaustion, now look toward flexing their influence and power once more.

The game is set in Sunda Mizu Mura, a port city held by the gruff Crab Clan, defenders of the Empire against the nearby Shadowlands. It is city where ancient martial tradition is increasingly eclipsed by the growing power of the merchant class. While samurai gather to face the evils beyond, another war is fought amongst the dockside gangs, smugglers and merchant patrons who value wealth above honor.

So join us today: kishikaisei.net / port 2860

Mud Theme: Legend of the Five Rings

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