Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island MUD
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Hunter x Hunter (Greed Island arc) based history and gameplay, most identical rules and places displayed by the anime.

Read with attention: version 0.78 beta

Main and side quest for beat the game with special rewards from Game Masters. (Not available in beta) PVP allowed, PK flag and no item reward from dead players. Steal allowed. Rent activated, use spell card "Leave" or find a way out of the island to save your character. Start classes: Conjurer, Enchancer, Emissor, Manipulator and Transmuter Advanced class: Specialist Map and automap. Hundreds of collectibles cards and global random booster packs drops. 38 different spell cards (most for pvp). Multichar restricted, not at same time. Newbie friendly and detailed explanation, in game optional.

Hiring builders and coders! mail me Looking for a host 24/7, help this project!

Mud Theme: Hunter X Hunter Greed Island arc (Fourth Season)

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