Greed Island
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Well it is a text-based game, uses the best graphic card in entire world... your imagination! If you NEVER played a MUD (multi-user-dungeon) before, let me show what you need to do.

1. You see that thing at side of your keyboard? you will not use that here. 2. Text game use commands to do things, like "look" or "score" or "kill"... 3. Normally commands has some logic like "do what with who in what?", EX: get all in corpse 4. It is a RPG and CARD GAME and SURVIVOR and MULTIPLAYER and ONLINE... and HxH game! 5. Be social, use commands to talk with people like "say" to local or "gossip" with everyone. 6. When you get lost, use command help or help with a subject to learn more. EX: help newbie 7. It is a soundless game but nothing prevents you hear some music! Recommended:

Mud Theme: Hunter x Hunter Greed Island Arc

Additional Noted Features:

  • Level based on power level
  • Custom inventory system
  • Permanent main quest
  • Friendly PVP encoraged

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