Greed Island
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This MUD is based on arc named Greed Island of anime Hunter x Hunter where the objective is the player obtains 100 rare cards into a card binder) in order to beat the game. Sounds easy but is quite challenging.

Key features: - Newbie friendly and tutorial. - Friendly PVP (no killing but can fight, use skills or spell cards) - Each class has a exclusive ability and skills shared with all classes with special rules. - Almost all items can be converted into a cards and vice-versa. - Instead of XP, you level up when reach an amount of required Nen. - Skills shared with all classes with special rules. - In-game side quests.

Mud Theme: Hunter x Hunter Greed Island Arc

Additional Noted Features:

  • Level based on power level
  • Custom inventory system
  • Permanent main quest
  • Friendly PVP encoraged

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