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Gray Harbor is, simply put, a place where weird stuff happens. The town sits on thin point of the Veil, the "curtain" that separates our world from whatever is on the other side of it - Heaven, Hell, the psychic plane. Some of the people that live in Gray Harbor have access to psychic powers, but using them isn't always safe. Not all everyone in town is "special," but even those who don't have abilities are dimly aware of the fact that this town is weird. Beneath it all, there are monsters lurking in the shadows, feeding off nightmare and dread, sharpening neuroses, weaponizing insecurities.

We are set in the fictional town of Gray Harbor, Washington. We are roughly modern-day, running just a little faster than real life. We're using FS3 with a few modifications to accommodate the addition of psychic powers, but everything should be familiar enough to people that already use Ares and FS3.

Gray Harbor has no single source material. The game is not based on any particular IP, but is instead a general blend of stories and ideas. We are not wholly a sandbox game nor are we theme and system heavy. Instead, Gray Harbor exists somewhere in between, with a staff dedicated to running stories against the backdrop of a flexible meta-plot designed inter-weave ideas rather than drive a single narrative, allowing our players to enjoy the stories they truly want to play.

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