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The first of the White Wolf MU*s to focus on Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Garou has always emphasized responsive, cooperative roleplaying with an emphasis on good writing and clear communication. Players are screened through a registration process, and character growth and development come through roleplay.

A complex world with lively GMs, focussing on story rather than individual characters. Please visit as a guest to find out more about the game and the application process.

Mud Theme: White Wolf's World of Darkness

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Review posted by Eric
Posted on Thu Sep 15 18:26:17 2005 / 0 comments
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The staff are responsible for alot of the over-arching plots that shape the worldview of the MUSH, and they accept this responsibility well. Always willing to work with the player rather than take an adversarial role, they know that to make a MUSH work you need the players to trust you, rather than fear you. While they can at times seem to be picky on character and story applications, they have been doing this for a long time and GarouMUSH has seen many other similar themed MUSHes come and go over that time... thus the Wizards of GarouMUSH obviously know what they are doing.

As for the other players, I couldn't ask for a group of cooler people to roleplay with. The application process keeps the quality of player to a certain standard, and while that may seem to sound elitest... well, it is. If by elitist one means that we like to make sure the players that join the game can form a sentence, use at least decent punctuation, and can be a part of the world rather than try and be above it. So far, of the players that have come through the application process, less then five have turned out to be "problem players". These mainly being people who refused to accept that their characters were not the 'best at everything'. That said, there is plenty of room for your character to excel above and beyond the norm.

As for the MUSH itself, we recently went through a massive code overhaul. A lot was added, and alot refurbished. We have a strong playerbase at a current total, at time of this review's writing (8/26/05), of 64 garou characters 28 humans, and 6 characters that fall into the 'other' category (Mages, Other Shifting Breeds, Etc...) While the focus is on Garou themselves, an already established player may apply for a non-Garou or Human character as a foil. Meaning a character that isn't the focus of the story, but rather helps the story along for those who are it's focus, the Garou.

I love the place enough to stay there for going on ten years now. Its had it's up and downs, due usually to the pressures of real life. On a major upswing right now, it is the perfect time to come join GarouMUSH and take the fight to the Wyrm.

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