Faerun: A Forgotten Realms MUD (FRMUD)
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Faerun: A Forgotten Realms MUD, also known as FRMUD, is a role play: medium enforced MUD set in the western region of post-spellplague and post-sundering Faerun. By role-play: medium, we mean we expect that characters interactions with one another be kept in character as much as possible, and that any out of character chat olccur on specific out-of-character channels. We desire that players create their own character-specific plot-lines, though the staff will provide global-arcing storylines to supplement personal storylines from time-to-time.

Feature-wise, we use Pathfinder and D&D 5e rules as the basis of our progression system. With 30 levels, and an ever growing suite of classes, prestige classes and races, there are many ways to explore our world and game system. We regularly add new classes, feats (abilities), spells and other features.

Though our crafting system is not yet live, characters can obtain gear through adventuring and purchasing items from various shops throughout the realms. Much of endgame revolves around obtaining better gear. As with our feature-set, we are always improving and expanding our game world, with new zones, mobs, enemy types, quests and more. We have a large worldmap that allows for travelling between locales, stretching from Icewind Dale down to Waterdeep and East to Silverymoon.

Mud Theme: Post Spell-Plague & Post-Sundering Era

Additional Noted Features:

  • Uses D&D 5e and Pathfinder Rules.
  • Geographically-Correct Wilderness Map of Western Faerun.
  • Roleplay Expectation is Medium: We expected players to stay in character when interacting with each other, but do not fo

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