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Dystopia takes place in the year 2080, a world in which the conspiracy theories of the 20th and early 21st centuries proved to be all to real, inspired by sources such as Deus Ex, Blade Runner, the works of Gibson and Neal Stephenson.

From the ashes of the collapse of the West a New World Order has arisen, displacing the bankrupt and corrupt nation states that ruled the world for centuries - now megacorporations under the leadership of the World Trade Organization are the great powers of the world. It's a world of conspiracies, business, greed, politics, power, freedom, crime, dark suited agents, high technology and humanity.

Join one of a number of gangs or megacorps looking to eke out an existence in the Sprawl, or possibly play as some unaffiliated and try not to get squashed. There are secret societies to be members of, agendas to push, bike races, pitfighting, corporate fashion shows, armour plated cops, brewing your own lager, and more besides.

Lots of code - combat, crafting, augmented reality Matrix, corporations, all sorts. And more to come, this is very much a work in progress Chargen is roster based. There's no application per se, log on, have a chat, get the password. Hopefully there is enough breadth to have wide appeal. Characters run the gamut, there are corpers, cops, journalists, gangbangers, etcetera. The theme is fairly low key. No miniguns.. at least not yet. More Neuromancer than Shadowrun, though there's plenty of cybernetics and stuff to get. Technology is pretty standard cyberpunky stuff. XP is essentially age based, characters get a certain amount of points based on age. As time goes by, they get more points. There's XP for RP on top of that with a pretty standard +nom aka vote system, but the majority of XP will probably accrue by the passage of time. This happens even if they are on the roster, so nobody will rot. Skills are trained as you use them. You are what you repeatedly do, as Aristotle said.

Mud Theme: Cyberpunk

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