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Spiritus Roleplay is a Source created from Byond.com. Sandbox RPG of the Phoenix/Finale Source which in turn was a Zeta Source in the Early 2000's. The Team from Spiritus felt that there growth was hindered from the Byond Platform. And since the Team originally came from Mudconnector in the late 90s. Here we are once again able to turn the Spiritus Project into what it was meant to be from the get go.

Spiritus is based on the DB: Super. Allowing for DB,DBZ content to be added down the road. We are using the stock tbaMUD-2019. Means it doesn't even look like a Dragonball Game yet. But we will get to that point soon. Spiritus has always been a Community-Driven Update Game. Means we listen openly to our community which is 100+ in Discord. And turn people's dreams of what a good RPG DB should look like into a Virtual Game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Spiritus Storyline * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL UNIVERSE: In the beginning, the universe was a barren place filled with empty planets and celestial beings ready to be molded into whatever one desire. The first inhabitants of this Universe where the First ones and the Second ones, beings that could be considered as the gods in various Mythologies, able to cross the emptiness of space without an real protection, molding themselves and the things surrounding them by sheer force of will, concentrated in a somewhat physical form known as “Spiritus”.

With time, both of these groups experimented the creation of life, studying the first life forms born during this era know as the Birth Era. Still during the Birth Era, the first and second ones united their minds and forces to develop the perfect raising ground for these mortal creatures: An immense World who’s size goes beyond anyone’s comprehension; a world known simply as “Primal”.

WAR BETWEEN CHANGE AND STAGNATION: As the two groups of immortals watched carefully each step of the evolution of the mortal ones, some started elevating themselves by surpassing their own limits: Some forced their body through immense physical training and got to become great warriors; some started to develop abilities that molded Spiritus and matter thanks to the discovery of Magic; A few developed machines that tried to equal their gods; Others obtained supernatural abilities by manifesting one literal spirit. The first ones started to fear the constant and never stopping evolution of the mortals, fearing mostly the chance of being surpassed by one of their sons as the Gods were supposed to remain on their throne for eternity. The second ones, on the other hand, believed that as fathers and mothers to the mortals should help them achieve new heights that would surpass their most unreachable limits.

These contrasts started the War between the forces of Stagnation and the Forces of Change, the first ones and the second ones, each followed by those mortals that believed into the same ideas of the respective god. The war lasted a few days, but remained as the most brutal of them all, ceasing almost all the mortal’s life and the “gods” too after a bloodbath that ended with the cracking of Primal, who’s pieces started wandering in the depths of space.

Official Spiritus Discord: https://discord.gg/mQKdUWv

Mud Theme: Adult Gaming - Contains content not suitable for Minors

Client Recommendation: MUSHCLIENT, MUDLET

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