Dragonball Redemption
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Dragon Ball Redemption is a DragonBall MUD that has undergone a complete transformation from a stock mud to a more unique and engaging experience for players. We offer a newbie-friendly environment as well as content for veteran and high level players.

Roleplaying is encouraged, moderated, and rewarded, but never enforced. Players may advance in many ways including Roleplaying, Player Killing, Questing, or Exploring and PVE Combat.

The MUD is always being worked on by our friendly Immortal staff and new players are encouraged to ask for help and advice from the old players and Immortals alike. Our staff are very hands-on when it comes to interacting with players and we welcome ideas, suggestions, and feedback to enhance the game play experience.

While the game world mostly consists of elements from the original DragonBall, Z, GT and Super. New additions are carefully crafted to blend smoothly into the overall DragonBall aesthetic and themes.

Though adult language and themes are allowed in public chat, there are topics that are off-limits and will result in an Immortal stepping in. While we don't maintain "child-friendly" limitations, we do want players to feel comfortable and safe here.

Our massive amount of features include:

Overhauled Combat System: - Epic Battles - Over 300 Skills with Special Affects - Retooled power ups and Transformations - Skills are no longer a "Spam Feast" and now take time to charge up giving a sense of power Extensive sub race selection based on your favorite DragonBall Characters! - 13 Races - Archetypes with unique, skills, transformations, and gameplay! - Custom Attack System - Equipment Crafting Automatic Quest system Mob Quest System - Choose an outcome for different rewards! Banking System Locker System - Share Loot with Players or even alts Large Map - 54 Areas installed - Building Stafff is currently working on new ones! Automatic Bonus Event System Lottery Events: - QuestPoints, QuickZeni, MegaZeni ,Special Lottery Events can be created by Immortals (I.E. Item Raffles) Special Mobs -Supermobs (Wandering Mobs with special rewards) - Ambush mobs (Random Encounters with special rewards) Automated Dragonball System All new and unique areas! Mini-Game Diversions like Chess and Sudoku Clan System Reincarnation System Player Ranks and Highscores and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Currently hiring for all positions!

Please stop by and join us: dbnumud.com Port: 4321

Mud Theme: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Dragonball Super

Client Recommendation: http://www.gammon.com.au/mushclient/

Dragonball Redemption Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Clear
Posted on Sat Jan 4 12:47:13 2020 / 0 comments
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Early last year, I popped in on this MUD while looking through the Dragonball MUDs on this site. I was looking for something nostalgic to play with a friend. I was surprised when I logged in to find its community and staff active. The changes board showed pages and pages of updates made to the game just within the last couple of days! I really didn't expect it to be so alive, as these things tend to stagnate. They were all incredibly friendly to me, with another player called Euthansia taking me up under his wing to help me out and show me around, and Schil(who is still a Head Admin) doing much the same, even allowing me to test out an archetype I wanted to play(More on those later) since the MUD was still in beta.

The second thing I noticed was that while the game still had that vaguely nostalgic feeling, its systems were VASTLY different than I was used to. Its combat is far more engaging, with a timer system on attacks to make you think about what attacks to use and when, rather than just spamming whatever your highest PL attack was. None of the stock areas that seem to come with all Saga clones are on the areas list either; Its areas are all unique and very well detailed, managing to feel very different from each other through clever use of area and room flags as well as extensive quests scattered throughout them.

Then there's the biggest unaddressed features: Its races and archetypes selection. It has a nice selection of races, both classic to Dragonball canon as well as some others which take inspiration from the series while mixing in its own flavours. These races all come with different skills, transformations and such - as you would expect - But where in most other Dragonball MUDs I've played the differences are largely cosmetic, these skills and transformations genuinely make the races feel different from each other. They accomplish this by giving every race a list of advantages and disadvantages, and coding unique affects for skills unique to that race.

As cool as that is, that's not even touching on the other thing I mentioned, the archetypes. Archetypes are a kind of sub-race or class within a given race that makes them even more unique. So for example, the Namekian race has four unique archetypes within itself! The difference between say, a Fighter Namekian and a Dragon Clan Namekian is absolutely massive. They play almost nothing alike, and they're the exact same race. Imagine how much different either one of those feels to play compared to one of the other, different races. The highest recommendation I can give is this: The system for races & archetypes is 100% the thing that hooked me into this MUD initially. I actually remember reading through the helpfiles and feeling the exact moment I knew I was hooked.

As much fun as it was, after a few weeks I actually quit the MUD for a while; Not because of anything wrong with the MUD itself, but because my friend had left for personal reasons and I didn't want to keep playing without him. Its systems are definitely addictive though, because I thought about it from time to time, wanting to hop back in and explore more of it. Wondering what sort of changes they'd made in the mean time.

Then, late last year (November, I think) I actually came back to it with friend in tow and found that as expected the updates had been MASSIVE. Races were more complete, had more skills, there were far more areas, and the game in general was bigger. Everything I liked was still there, but more refined and running more smoothly. It was fantastic! After playing around for about a week more, I knew it was something I wanted to contribute to myself so I put myself out there and they were happy to hire me on.

Seeing it from behind the scenes has only made me appreciate more what goes into making a MUD of this quality. A month or two later, it now sports TEN more areas and THREE more races than it had when I came back to it late last year. No exaggeration.

At the start of the New Year, DBNU's undergone a playerwipe and has been officially declared to be out of beta. With its fresh launch already underway, now is the absolute best time to get started with us! We have an incredibly active playerbase with upwards of 15+ online during the day and plenty of night owls as well. The community is great, and while some of them like to have a laugh or do the odd murder to each other, at the end of the day everyone's ready to help out a new player.

Thank you to the community for making playing this MUD such an overwhelmingly positive experience. Special thanks to Hokai, Schil, and Magmarashi for creating a great place for that community. :) - Clear

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Review posted by Grahf
Posted on Fri Dec 13 06:31:24 2019 / 0 comments
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I love this mud because it has unique styles for races called Archetypes. It means you can be a Goku style saiyan or Vegeta style saiyan. There are several races from the anime and they have different advantages/disadvantages. There are plenty of areas to gain from and immortal ran events such as Trivia and Russian Roulette. One of my favorite parts of the mud are dragonballs you can wish from. Also, the imms are friendlier than the reviews suggest. Personally, when I was mud searching and saw the reviews, I went "no way dude". Then I checked the mud out. The mud is awesome. Right now, the mud is coming out of beta on 1/1/2020. There is a race for most stats and most pl until that time. My favorite race is LSSJ, which you can get randomly on creation or wish for, but I'm tempted to try Rageful Halfbreeds (based off Future Trunks(Super) or Kaioshin-S(aiyan) based off Goku Black. This mud is based off of DBSaga by Warren but there are a lot of improvements and the head coder is usually making 3-4 changes a day. Check the mud out. You might like it as much as I do.

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Review posted by Domo, Isamu
Posted on Fri Jan 23 15:11:31 2015 / 0 comments
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While I enjoyed playing this MUD a fair bit, the MUD cares little about the players. One Imm went as far as telling me they didn't care about the players, or me, at all. That the players were inconsequential. When I responded that a MUD is very little without players, I was told again the players didn't matter, and the Imms would just have fun by themselves. I say let them have fun by themselves, then. I've never had a member of the staff tell me I didn't matter to them before.. That none of the players mattered. The whole role of the Immortals is to build and run the MUD *for* the players.

I refuse to play and devote my time to a MUD where the players don't matter.. Where I don't matter.

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Review posted by leon
Posted on Wed Apr 9 20:22:14 2008 / 0 comments
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Okay ladies and gents, I'm sending a review about this mud, so hang on to your hats.

This particular mud is quite an adequate place to play for the dbz genre lovers, they have the most advanced set of races i know and have ranks for each, The skills for them are all quite good as well.

The areas are all advanced and built with little error, the builder's are all very good at what they do. The immortals of this mud are also not stuck up or jerks, so you don't have much to worry about there.

One thing i really like about this place, other than the attitude of the pbase, is the questing system. They have it to where, like on many popular god wars muds, you can quest for quest points and return those in for items.

One thing i disliked about it, when i aimlessly killed a mob over and over, due to not having skills and needing training points to train my intelligence, i was considered a high level threat and called a botter...though i appreciate that the imms aren't lazy...i didn't appreciate being considered a threat by one of the immortals.

But other than that, this mud is pretty great so far. I'll be sure to write another review soon as i get more aquainted, thus i'm finishing here.

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Review posted by Jaer
Posted on Wed Apr 9 20:20:15 2008 / 0 comments
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Dragonball Z: A New Age 2. Simply put, its a great mud! From a player's point of view there is a lot of great things to enjoy. Namely, there is an enhanced gaining system that improves with equipment, amount of players online, and player donations with in-game money.

The areas do contain some stock elements to them, but most of the areas have been reworked. As someone who has played the original DBSaga, I can appreciate this due to previous flaws, but also because it gives a new fun twist to old areas.

The equipment is pretty developed as well. New, and altered, equipment pop up in most areas to provide a little more diversity for each of the many races.

Speaking of races, DBNA2 has opened the door to, I think, most races in the dbz universe, with more coming!!

The website just went through a decent face lift and has good content and a link to familiarize people who are foreign to dbz. Making it easier to understand every element of the game!

Overall, I would have to rate this mud 9/10. A very good choice for any novice, or serious fan, of dbz. Any fan of muds for that matter.

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Review posted by Silah
Posted on Wed Apr 9 20:19:40 2008 / 0 comments
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DB:NA2 is an enormous, friendly universe populated by wonderfully friendly players and encouraging staff. Not a single detail has been overlooked from the series, but there are also unique areas and aspects that have been created, so the MUD will appeal to hardcore fans of Toriyama's anime and players who love an expanded world to play in.

The combat and skills systems are carefully crafted and with new areas and code being added daily, as well as a healthy flow of new players, the MUD will only get better. A real 11/10.

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Review posted by Malifus
Posted on Wed Apr 9 20:19:04 2008 / 0 comments
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So at first, I thought this mud was only gonna be OK, like countless others I had played. I was horribly, horribly mistaken. The mud is huge, the players are AMAZINGLY nice, roleplay is top quality, the skills are pretty awesome looking. I promise you, whether you are or aren't a Dragonball Z fan, you should still join this MUD. It'll make a fan out of you.

Also, it's a lot of fun for non-DBZ fans anyway. You don't really need to know DBZ in order to play it. The Imms are always hosting fun events, like Russian Roulette, Bomberman, Trivia Games, and more!

The game's pretty addictive too! Some of its members who play the most have logged in excess of 200 hours, and the game only started three months ago! I'd highly advise any mud fan to join this game! Don't forget to tell them that Malifus sent you!! :P

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Review posted by Anonymous
Posted on Wed Apr 9 20:02:22 2008 / 0 comments
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Friendly environment, good not so cloned mud. Alot of races to choose from, nice skill sets. Active coder and builders with areas being added regularly. You should stop in and form your own opinion on us. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I know I wasn't and I'm not the type that enjoys the, 'max your character in a day', clones that seem to swamp this genre.

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Review posted by Ukitake
Posted on Wed Apr 9 19:57:47 2008 / 0 comments
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What I have noticed about this MUD is it actually becomes home for you. All will be able to enjoy the experience this MUD has for everyone. It can be challenging or downright frustrating at times, but when you get through that you feel almost unstoppable. It truly is the best DBZ MUD i have ever played because of the people and the world itself. The eq works great and the player interface is easy to use. Newbies and Veterans enjoy this.

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Review posted by Rox
Posted on Sun Jan 20 19:02:40 2008 / 0 comments
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As shown, I am Rox from DB: Redemption. It's been a while since I have played a DB or DBZ MUD and has also been a long time since I've sent in any form of review.

This MUD, though still has a few quirks in it, is on it's way to being one well organized multiplayer game. Even when I joined (a nub covered in nubsauce ^_^) players were immediately kind and responded to the questions I asked (at least ones they knew). One even gave me a tour. Most would probably say something like 'Oh, there are probably no players' or something, but that is where you're incorrect. Though it is a newly opened MUD, there have been more than 10 players. Though it seems like a little ammount, please tell me or show me a MUD that had more then 5 (not counting immies) a month after it opened.

Not only are the players nice, but the skills and abilities are well organized too. You'll see the usual ammount of skills with a few additions of it's own, making the skill and ability list unique.

Combined with the player interaction and the training system (skill and abilities) this MUD goes on my 'Thumbs up' list.

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Review posted by Gantrithor
Posted on Sun Jan 13 19:08:42 2008 / 0 comments
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This MUD is one of the better Dragon Ball Z-oriented muds that I have come across. Although it is still in the developing stages, many improvements have already been made and the staff is very active with the players. I have to say that this is my personal favorite DBZ mud for several reasons. The founder is good at running the MUD, the administrators are doing an excellent job at keeping things moving smoothly, and everything seems to be going quite well so far.

I would recommend this MUD to anyone interested in DBZ muds, whether they be new to the MUD world or returning MUDders

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Review posted by Pillage
Posted on Sun Jan 13 19:07:46 2008 / 0 comments
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Greetings and Salutations my fellow DBZ Fanatics I've been playing Dragonball Redemption for a while now and I must say that it fantastically wonderful. WhY? for various reasons. Though still fresh and in the testing stage, I am already impressed by the talented staff and friendly environment.

This mud supports pretty much every race a DBZ fan could want as well as some more. Though everything is still growing and a work in progress I must say that I see tons of potential here. I've played tons of Dragonball muds and have been left unimpressed with lack of creativity. I remember playing Dragonball Saga when it was still in testing. I would recommend anyone seeking a fun environment with limitless potential to come check it out. The more people we get the better the pool of ideas and growth. So I hope to see you there.

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