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Hello and welcome to Dragonball Intergalactic Wars

Some features of the mud are: *** UPDATED 09/05/2018 ** v2.20 - Level System - Body-Mind-Spirit System - New Gravity System - Removed Focus Ki - Ki and HP are determined by the B-M-S System - Fixed a lot of game play issues. - Fixed suppress during fights - Fixed Melee damage (rewrote codes - KI system is next) - Fixed Style A and D damage ratios - Fixed damage calculations regarding crits. - Auto PL System - Balanced everything currently. - Average level of all players is on who. Level + blvl + mlvl + slvl / 4 - Max HP is now 999 - Max KI is 99,999

v2.19 - Added Suppression to Round Damage. - Suppression now decreases round melee - Earth Map area Skeleton completed. ( New Mapping System ) - Mutant Primaries and Secondaries now affect damage. - Updated some help files. - Fixed numerous bugs. - Stat received rate increased slightly. - You can now Instant Transmission to players and NPC's (IT is achieved after 20 rebirths ) - Fixed numbers, they will no longer go negative. ( Powerlevel, gold etc ) - NPCs can now power-up. - Human race has been boosted. - Destructo Disk now follows it's opponent until they hit 2 times.

v2.18 - Added "Stats" command, shows requirements for gains, gravity sessions, rebirths, scells etc. - S-cell system fully completed. - Sacrifice System updated. - Removed stunning from Gravity Sessions. - Fixed a Bug with All Spaceships - Global gains now affect the Improvement System - All Powerlevel gains increased to reduce the grind effort. - Rebirth system (made it so mutants ps/ss get reset, and biodroid primaryattack is reset) - Balanced Melee dmg for NPC fights. - Styles DEF and AGG now actually do their job. - Created Powerlevel Plateaus having to do with Stat Progression. - Bless is obtained on Rebirth now. - For every 5 rebirths, you gain +1 (Maximum of 30 in all stats). - Androids, Hardcore and anyone suppressed will no longer show up on "Where" command - Improvement counter can be seen without a scouter now.

v2.17 - Added Good and Evil Auras. - Added S-Cells to Combat - Completely removed Pl requirements for SSJ Transformations (Hint SSJ4 requires both Rage and Scells) - Readded LSSJ and you can now get SSJ upon creation provided you get the required S-Cells. - Godform added for all races as a skill. (Will be taught by Whis in the future.) - Rebirthing system completed.

v2.16 - S-Cells - replacing the rage system - Possible SSJ on creation (Halfbreeds too)

If you're interested and have any questions, feel free to log on the mud and ask an admin or any player for that matter lots of questions everyone's friendly. Be sure to read our changes list in full to understand where all of our changes have taken place.

Thanks, (Seventeen) aka Reketsu

Mud Theme: DBZ DB dball dbiw Dragonball DragonballZ DragonballSuper

Client Recommendation: MushClient( Courier New Font - 9 PT ) BlowTorch( Download Cour.ttf - Buffer Friendly )

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