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Castle D'Image MUSH centers on an ancient enchanted castle that has stood shrouded in mystery for some six thousand years. This castle lies near the nexus of the lines of magical energy, the Dragon Lines,that run throughout the world. After hundreds of years of warlord rule, a strong line of rulers rose up to claim the castle for their own under the direction of Nicole Myris Taysinne Alian Rinarra D'Image and her consort Mikel. Queen Nicole D'Image founded a Dynasty that has so far lasted for five hundred years.

The Castle D'Image and its neighboring city of Waes are at times peaceful and harmonious while at other times troubled by turbulence and violence. Its position at the center of all magic in the world has brought both prosperity and trouble from those who would seize its power for their own. Over the years the Castle has drawn a myriad of people to its heart. Royalty, nobles, ambassadors, knights, mages, scholars, adventurers, scoundrels, villains, and even simple folk have lived and died within its walls.

The world of Castle D'Image is a world in which intrigue and romance, adventure and magic are commonplace. It is a land of possibilities, where almost anything an and does happen. For reference purposes, it can best be described as falling roughly into a late medieval - early renaissance timeframe.

Applications are required for characters who are nonhuman, magical, and/or of noble birth. All other characters can be created and played immediately. The MUSH boasts 1-2 long term, MUSHwide TPs per year, usually running 1-2 RL months in length, with other player-run plots and day to day RP occuring in between.

CDI is one of the longest running online roleplay games (MUSH)on the net, having been founded in 1991. Old and new, come and join us at 5555.

Mud Theme: Original Medieval Fantasy

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