Aydindril 2
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Resurrected from an ancient backup, this classic Rom-based MUD has returned. It was named after the capital city in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. This MUD has a 191-mortal-level system with 10 distinct classes, where the player can customize their character by choosing skills and spell groups to learn and practice. Player guilds/clans are also offered, including the ability to build custom guild/clan halls. Our world has more than 6000 rooms and 2000 mobs and is constantly growing. This mud is newbie friendly, open to the public, and a great retro adventure.

Unique features include: Banking with interest 'Forgive' command for accidental killer flags Enchanters to upgrade equipment

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Review posted by Dow (Blaeric)
Posted on Mon Nov 8 16:55:55 2004 / 0 comments
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Hello all, if you're looking for a great MUD to play then come check out Aydindril 2. I have been playing here for about 2-3 months now and I love it. Since playing I've started a guild, leveled up and collected tons of interesting eq. It is a really fun mud to play, never a dull moment. Although the pbase is small now I know it will get much larger. The mud has many races and classes to choose from and tons of spells and skills. The gaining of skills on Aydindril 2 is awesome. Rather than just getting what you start with you can gain all your classes skills within the game and never add to your experience per level! All of us who play here are very friendly and would love for you to come check us out. Hope you stop by!

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