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Long before the World Wide Web, in the year 1989, the world known as Avalon emerged: the first roleplaying text based game, the archetype to which millions have looked or imitated for its brilliance untainted and ever-evolving innovations that keep it to this day at the very edge of the game industry. In this world of mortals and deities, where nought but merit succeeds one to the best and few be remembered in its vast, neverending history of legendary figures, mortals reign over their beloved cities and guilds, war amongst each other through the complex economic systems fueled by players trading, farming and labouring over the land, and with such resources they marshall legions to clash epic over possession of the world while others fight each other in the most sophisticated contest of wits and imagination. In this land of beauty and brutality, one may live greater than life itself, for nowhere else do passions rampage and possibilities range endlessly before you so much as Avalon. And this all is witnessed by the Pantheon for which mortals have a mixture of fear, love and aspiration, for once every few years a gamut of Gem Quests culminate in a race for Ordination in which only the greatest mortal may claim apotheosis and admission to the tempestuous Pantheon.

Mud Theme: Mythical Fantasy Adventure

Avalon Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Calagan
Posted on Fri Feb 19 09:30:19 2016 / 0 comments
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I’m an old mudplayer who started all the way back in the late 80’s. Avalon became my primary game sometime in the early 90’s and I’ve returned to it on and off over the years for varying session lengths from just a few weeks to anywhere up to a few years. I’m deep into a 6 month session so I can speak with authority about Avalons long reign as what I consider the most exhilarating MUD out there.

Avalon was a pretty solid game even back in the 90’s with well-developed and evocative skills sets to support the numerous guilds it supports from Demon Summoning Sorcerers, Ritual and Fiery Mages and Knife wielding NIghtblades (that’s me!). It has a huge range of spheres in which to play from city politics and a vast economic and trade system which is supported by substantial labours and farming skills sets allowing players to run cities literally from planting seeds in fields to harvest, livestock breeding and a vast array of creatable items not including the more magical stuff like potions, poisons, herbs, arms, armour.

Combat? It’s PvP system is absolutely second to none and can be approached as simply as just getting out there and chasing your enemies down and doing whatever your guild does to them or complex well laid ambushes, traps and overarching strategies to play into your strengths. I challenge anyone to demonstrate a more in-depth PvP system.

Each of the cities and even individual guilds can engage in a comprehensive strategic warfare system from enlisting troops, training them up, bribing or killing other cities men. Legion formation, control, siege, bombardment, mine laying all done across a landscape of literally thousands of locations. It’s got all the usual stuff you would expect in a MUD with a large and mysterious questing pool from simple fetch and give to earn small rewards to huge world affecting ones whose steps to complete are often carefully guarded secrets or simply forgotten to the mists of time, I’d like to see some ways of learning quests but maybe that’s part of it’s mystery still. My one criticism is there are limited areas to go CCC bashing but it’s all about player and city interactions rather than mindless CCC grinding.

From what I can see this last six months it’s in a huge expansion phase with daily updates and substantial skill and system additions with exciting ones being shapeforms which allows for the transformation into different creatures or other races. Though that’s not fully available to players yet I can’t wait to see what comes from it.

I’m blowing Avalons trumpet but this is a personal review and it’s entertained me over the last 23 years. It went free to play last year but you can still subscribe to support the game and there are purchasable for RL cash magics called trinkets but from what I can see they are much more convenience items than pay2win and in fact everyone that played over Xmas was visited by Santa and got a specifically chosen trinket gratis for their character, so you don’t need to spend cash to acquire them.

A great mud that you would be remiss to not have a crack at.

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Review posted by Cornelius
Posted on Sun Aug 13 11:57:49 2017 / 0 comments
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For those who have not played Avalon, I highly recommend it -- the deep and vast player culture built over 25 years isn't something you can replicate, but the most important thing I've enjoyed most about the realm has been its staunch integrity: everyone can reach the same level of abilities and powers as another, but talent and practice determine who is best at the end of the day. There are hundreds of aspects to focus on, combat isn't the only one (but it is certainly the most sophisticated), and there's never a moment of boredom for me or those I know on Avalon.

If you have played before, I really suggest checking it out again: so, so much has changed and still much more scheduled for development and improvement throughout 2015. Especially the new website, clients and other things to help young and old get together quicker, easier and so on; we're always trying to improve the experience of Avalon itself. The best way to experience it is to try it, though.

Naturally I'm a little biased, since from a mortal perspective the realm is very different to how it feels as a divinity, but what all mortals aspire to in Avalon is certainly worth it. Those who are Ordained by vast competitions called Gem Quests compete for the greatest prize: ultimate freedom, power and importance to change the world as you see fit, contending with the other gods who maintain their own agenda.

Not only have I played many other text based games in my life, but also checked out graphical ones; some bear close similarity in their scope, but I have yet to be able to make a real comparison. Avalon truly is massive and incredibly well made that, as a game, it's more like a fantasy life simulator. It's a joy to have everything possible within the bounds of Avalonian realism, so there are only vague boundaries far off on the horizon which limit your imagination's quarry. Really, you can do just about anything. It's beautifully written, its players are friendly and helpful to the young, competitive between each other, and everyone (mortal and divine) is busy carving out a legendary history in the world.

Avalon is definitely a 10/10 for me. After all, it holds world records for a reason.

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Review posted by Blaise
Posted on Mon Mar 16 08:34:31 2015 / 0 comments
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I started playing Avalon in 2007; clueless and unsure what to expect. Eight years later I'm still playing and still as hooked as ever. The world itself is alive -- a living, breathing environment with its own characteristic and of course -- characters. Going free to play has made a HUGE difference lately and the period of development the game is undergoing is very exciting.

The biggest draws for me are the combat and warfare systems. Combat is purely based on player skill - there's no question of gear or levels really and this makes things a lot more equal. Anyone can be the best fighter if they're good enough and the system is amazing. Thousands of skills and abilities, afflictions and effects that often have undocumented components for the inquisitive and intelligent players to discover - ensuring that Avalon combat is CHALLENGING.

Warfare is equally as challenging. Raise armies. Besiege cities. Conquer territory. All while using carrier pigeons and runners to send dispatches to your legions using trenches, tunnels, siegetowers, landmines, water transports, barricades and infinite military strategies that can culminate in the successful conquerer wiping parts of the land from the map.

Avalon's history is decided by the players and the game is without doubt the most immersive and challenging gaming experience I've ever seen.

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Review posted by Zio
Posted on Fri Dec 12 11:41:43 2014 / 0 comments
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I have played Avalon for Several months, now, and still find myself coming back as frequently as my busy schedule allows. This is not a testament in itself. I couldn't stress it any more how phenomenal it is.

The realm of Avalon is ever dynamic, expansive, and imaginative. If I feel like crafting using commodities or materials I found, I may do so. If I wish to march legions of men to batter on an enemy cities gates, I am able to sit at my commandpost and bark my orders to the masses.

Avalon has 9 professions, and over 25 guilds. Seers, Warlocks, Cavaliers, Assassins, Sorcerers, and more! Four cities rule the realm in a meritocracy, meaning we shape the land. All cities are player-ran, with an economy that we alter.

The Divine Pantheon is flourishing with activity, the game is FREE, and the Creators are implementing new AI NPCs and game features that make every day exciting and new. Bugs are vanquished within hours, and ideas are free to flow to the ears of the administration.

10/10. Avalon is on a full upswing within the past several months, with no intentions of slowing down. I'm still excited every time I log into the realm.

Come join us in our ventures! ~Zio

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Review posted by Parham
Posted on Sat Nov 17 19:21:58 2007 / 0 comments
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This is the best mud around. I have been playing muds for around seven years, and none come close to matching Avalon.

The playerbase is good. I mean there are people that you wouldn't like, but Avalon is the second life for me. Just like in real life, there are good people and bad ones, there are marriages, houses, palaces, skills, professions, warfare between city militaries, positions in four major cities, (like ministers and barons and such), farming, mining, and lots more. It's another life.

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Review posted by jimbo
Posted on Fri Dec 12 11:42:37 2014 / 3 comments
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I'll keep it short and simple...first the good things!

Simply the best PvP combat system you will find. Completely immersive and fully developed player run economy, political institutions and mass warfare systems. Emphasis is on roleplaying and PvP conflict.

And now for the bad...

Although the code is stable and well balanced, new content is extremely rare. It is horribly expensive, which tends to encourage the hardcore gamer. The overall feel is one of stagnation, with a largely disinterested staff.

In summary, potentially the best MUD you will ever play, but let down by poor admin.

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Comment posted on Sun Jan 14 12:44:35 2007 by Mephisto:

I agree, Avalon is one of the best games I've ever played. I've tried a few other Muds and none of them came close to Avalon in terms of the system which is available. The only issue I'd take with the 'bad points' of your review is that the current playerbase on Avalon isn't exactly fantastic. The stagnation comes because Avalon is largely left open for the players. They create the dynamism, they create the excitement (aside from some of the more major events like gem quests and Ordinations) and if the playerbase doesn't have the imagination to use the world which is there, then it does stagnate. I would say though that if just a couple more well versed Mud players who are willing to take the reigns played Avalon then it would be kicking again, like it was in the earlier days. That's the beauty of the game really, it's not hindered by rigid system play or prewritten roleplaying.

From what I've heard also, the admin aren't disinterested, they're just busy. Apparently they haven't made any new additions for a while because there's a huge system addition being made (sea faring) which will more than double the size of the land and is a huge undertaking. Including things like naval warfare is no mean feat in a Mud. I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

Comment posted on Thu May 3 05:01:17 2012 by Gesiah:

I have to agree with Jimbo. Avalon is simply the best MUD out there. The Iron Realms games seek to match its brilliance but fall a bit short. Mephisto is also correct in that the players create the environment, but with the game costing $25/month to play (no, that's not a typo) you're not going to have a big player base in a world of free to play games.

It's too bad as no game gives the sense of immersion, excitement, danger, triumph, and involvement that Avalon does.

Comment posted on Sat Dec 6 21:45:42 2014 by Zio:

Just to follow up on this, since the reviews are rather old. A lot has changed! It's now free to play with a Sponsorship, which is very easy to obtain. A battlephase has just finished, in which the enter fighting system has been revamped and changed. I enjoy the shit out of it. Highly recommend.

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