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We're currently in BETA testing mode after a bit of restructuring and building, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. Please report any anomalies you may see, via the bug board and you will be rewarded! Feel free to leave ideas and suggestions on the idea board as well!

We're also looking for builders, please inquire on the immortal note board in game.

We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 18 years.

- If you can do it it is legal. If you do find a loophole, you can report it for vouchers. - If you're a PK and harass people, you better be really good, as you will not find a place to rest. - If you have any questions, ask or post a note, one of the staff will respond.

Updates: + Dueling now available + Random equipment drops + Shop gamble for better stats on inventory + Show item, for viewing gear in your level range + Resize and recycle equipment for raw materials

What's Coming? - Crafting - Alchemy

See you there! 7000

Note: For those using Mush client, you will need to increase the number of displayed columns in the output display in order to better view the mini-map. If i remember correctly, 100 works well. If you have any questions or concerns please connect and ask Anbhas or Mulet, we'd be happy to help.

Mud Theme: Medieval/Fantasy

Arcane Nites Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Kindoma
Posted on Fri Oct 19 09:36:32 2012 / 0 comments
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Hey Guys, I just came back to the mudding community after a little over a year. I was looking for a new 'Home' Mud. I found it at Arcane Nites. The immortals are nice, helpful at every step. The mud gives so much customization. They have a triple remort system and with an end legendary. Allowing you to build every character with a different endgame. They also allow you to play up to 3 characters at once, although only 1 of them can be PK. But this gives you a buff, tank, and a damage dealer to run zones with. Every person on here is friendly which really draws me to play this mud. I find this mud to be one of my favorites so far. You guys should swing by and check it out. 7000 Message me Kindoma, or Anbhas, Gillis, or Mulet!

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Review posted by Servaus
Posted on Mon Nov 2 19:18:58 2009 / 0 comments
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Okay, listen up. If you like MUDS, especially MUDs that have been deeply established in the community for over 10 years, then listen up...

Arcane Nites offers the most genuine MUDing experience with it's excellent remorting system, adding into account it's rich fighting system. No other MUD compares to it.

There is always a new area to pillage. There is always a quest going on.

The only downfall, there are no players! AN has been stuck in a rut the past few years due to it being shut down by the original creator. But now we're fully operational and the staff is working on new code and features daily.. and it's getting grimm.

All this good stuff, but no one to share it with. So, come share a great MUDing experience with us at Arcane Nites.

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Review posted by Gillis
Posted on Sat Sep 19 18:54:13 2009 / 0 comments
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I started playing Arcane Nites years ago.Iit was actually my first mudding experience. About 95% of the players were friendly and always willing to help, whether it be finding eq, corpse retrievals, or mob cursing for a group. I found it to be very involved and i can say pretty unique compared to whats out there today. There was a huge player base before the custom code changed hands, changes were made and people left within the past few years.

Im here today to say as a loyal player and recent builder that we've made some huge updates as well as numerous fixes, additions, and enhancements. This is all thanks to a couple of other loyal players that took over and have been coding like crazy. We've also put up a new site as well as some forums. Check us out, you won't be disappointed.


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Review posted by Artisan
Posted on Mon Oct 6 18:36:27 2008 / 0 comments
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I started on AN about a year before the major pwipe. Once it hit AN2 I played it just as frequently, and I have to say I liked the original better. I'm happy that it has returned.

I also wanted to say that when (Ryu/Redemption) was managing the mud, I, too, found it to be very biased and bug ridden. However, I have seen proof that Shokto is neither bias nor lazy with this mud.

Arcane Nites is in perhaps the most positive stage of development that I have ever seen it in. For the sake of the mud I love, I hope it continues to go that way until it is again the best mud available.

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Review posted by Sierin
Posted on Tue Sep 30 17:54:21 2008 / 0 comments
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I started playing AN since 1997, and kept playing when it went through major change sometimes in 200x (which I'll call AN2), where a lot of people left due to the changes and/or total pwipe (due to the change needed). After a while, the mud went offline, until it was revived again in 2007.

I was so happy to find that AN is back, and under different management! The only thing is AN is back to the original codes, for better or worse (some prefer AN1, while other AN2). Although I missed the changes in AN2, I can't complaint because my favorite game is back. The new staffs are professional, and of course, nice too as long as I didn't do anything illegal :)

There are a lot of improvements is being made and planned for the mud. Some have been implemented, others are still being worked on. The staffs listen to players and fix any reported bugs/issues. There is always room for improvement, but that's the case for everything in life. Things couldn't have been better, except that we need to advertise the mud more to attract more player base :)

Regards, A happy AN player

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Review posted by Wade
Posted on Tue Sep 30 17:52:53 2008 / 1 comment
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The mud from the getgo has what appears to be random bugs. You never quite feel like this is a completed Mud. It has been ongoing since 1994 and clearly does not have the staff help needed to make it a success. They boast item's like MRFIXIT and JACKOFALLTRADES to help correct resistance bugs or give a char every skill in the game. They imply from the start they are a roleplay mud but fail to do so with item names like above.

The mud has an outdated Pkill system based on saves and if you are an imm favorite you can also become either 'psi' or a special attributes. These attributes are Slayer/Vampire/Werewolf and only handed out to those that have been there for lengthy periods who have had all their equipment already boosted by a prior IMP named redemption. I would not recommend anyone invest time in a place that has so many loopholes, bugs, and favoritism.

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Comment posted on Fri Sep 12 07:43:29 2008 by Shokto:

Ahh, Bolter you're the one that came out with a named called 'FORCE.' You're just upset we asked you if we could change your name. As for those items and the resistance issue, those issues are fixed and no one gets all the skills from an item. It's literally impossible. The code doesn't allow it.

As for favorites getting special attributes you got a special attribute and your not a favorite, so i don't know where you're coming from....Arcane Nites isn't full of bugs, at least none of which we coders have been made aware.

Review posted by Riendf
Posted on Thu Jun 26 18:06:05 2008 / 0 comments
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Some words from a happy returning player. I left AN in 2001 after 3 years of intensive playing because it was becoming evident the imm staff not only did not listen ANY of the player request, but also cheated when their used their PK. A lot of bugs were not adressed even if they were easy to fix, crash often made you lose hours of leveling / eq gathering. So you would ask why did you stay this long in the first place ? Because it was a great game, and its flaw were more in the people at the head than in the game itself.

Now it is 2008, and some old players gathered back playing an old copy of AN before the player wipe for a new version. Bad weed tried to grow at the begining but this time the Imp showed he cared. And I've played since the opening, trusting for the first time that the game stays fair for everyone. The bugs are adressed, the players are listened to...the only thing we miss is new players to make it again one of the best fantasy mud out there.

Think about it: a lot of people actually looked for a mud that was down for at least 5 years, and now play again regulary on it. This should show you how great this game is !

Not to mention people are generally newbie friendly, the areas interesting, and we only need YOU to make clan and pk great again !

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Review posted by Michael John
Posted on Thu Jun 26 17:52:18 2008 / 0 comments
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I played for about 4 years, before my work and changes from the previous Immortal staff, the Implementor of the game, caused me to give it up.

However, AN came back online, as the code base I loved so much in November of last year. (2007) I have been there ever since, and have tried my best to advertise to all my online and real life friends that game. However, nowadays, everyone wants an MMORPG style, that's 3D.

We are rebuilding our playerbase currently, so if you enjoy a good MUDing experience, give us a try. We are a helpful group, but if you wish to try it all on your own, you are more than welcome to do so. :-)

-Everet/Donalith Clearborn

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Review posted by Whyros
Posted on Mon Jun 16 19:49:00 2008 / 0 comments
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Arcane Nites is a great MUD for people of all different backgrounds. After shutting down for awhile it's back up with a dedicated core of players and admins trying to make it as good as possible. A recent revamp has made it even more playable and encourages playing as long as you want to grow. I highly suggest anyone who enjoys mudding to check it out!

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Review posted by Redemption
Posted on Mon Jun 16 19:48:30 2008 / 0 comments
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We have worked to make a better mud than another. No more pick this and that, your skills and spells are set to your class and you gain them as you level. You are even able to use the levels you gain to build unique items.

A HUGE area with multiple areas to explore. Housing is a blast offering special anniversary items for player who are on at the time of a big change. We offer a constantly upgrading system and ALWAYS take player thoughts in consideration. We welcome you to the dark................ Arcane Nites!!!!

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