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A place where magic exists, where DEATH is an anthropomorphic personification and where a librarian can be an orangutan.

Welcome to Ankh-Morpork MUSH!

Set in Ankh-Morpork, we have set our roleplaying game in a place where belief is real, where barbarian heroes drink alongside wizards, where witches use headology to fight their battles, and where you are welcome to write your own story. We know that the biggest fear of playing on this game is letting Terry Pratchett's writing down but in the words of the patrician, Vetinari, "We play and are played and the best we can hope for is to do it with style."

In our universe, down the trousers of time from Terry’s, you can be a Lord or a Lady, a thief or a wizard, a troll or a dwarf. You can play political games, spend time in the Mended Drum, or brawl in the Shades. Be part of a Guild, or be unguilded - this is a world where any story can be told. Be a politician or a beggar. 8888

Mud Theme: Discworld

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Review posted by L. B. Heuschkel
Posted on Fri Dec 13 06:31:24 2019 / 0 comments
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What's great about Ankh-Morpork MUSH? The Discworld, obviously. The zany and fantastic world of Terry Pratchett, spanning 41 novels and numerous dramatisations, movies, music, and theatre productions. Few fictional universes are this thoroughly detailed(1) and yet so relatively easy to step into. Pratchett wrote about people; good people, bad people, all the other people. He wrote about fantasy archetypes and storytelling tropes, and on the Discworld, narrativity is both an element and a goddess. Story shapes reality. If everyone knows pigs fly, you better look skywards for your bacon.

You don't need to know the Discworld universe inside out to play(2). All you need is a bit of familiarity with fantasy archetypes and, for Ankh-Morpork natives, some notion of how Victorian societies worked. Some will suffice, because recent technological advances -- steam power, semaphore towers, moving type -- have made life easier, but they haven't put an end to barbarian heroes, witches, or card-carrying assassins. Our world, this round one you're presumably occupying a bit of right now as you're reading this, in fact sits on a somewhat shaky shelf in the High Magic Building at Unseen University, the premier wizard facility of the Disc. Steam powered railway is the newest hot invention but everyone knows that a good old flying broomstick won't let you down just because you run out of coal.

Using the Ares codebase, Ankh-Morpork MUSH is a purely roleplaying game. We are small and new on the MU* scene, and now is a great time to sign on if you want to help set the future tone and atmosphere of a guild or organisation. Character approval takes place often right away and never in more than 24 hours. Log in a guest or hit us up on Discord at -- existing players are happy to spar on ideas and roleplaying connections, or help get the character generation process sorted (can be done from in-game or from the web browser interface). We want more playmates.

In the words of Lord Vetinari, ruler of the greatest city on the Disc -- We play and are played and the best we can hope for is to do it with style.

(1) Tolkien's probably still in the lead. (2) But you're missing out on 41 fantastic novels plus all the rest.

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