Akarian Dawn: Shadows of an Empire
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Raughir is dead, and the Last Rift War is over. With the death of its Demonic Emperor, the empire of Uruadum has disintegrated into civil war and chaos. But from the ashes of defeat, the ancient city of Tenigul has arisen and asserted its independence and dominance over the vast province of Akar.

It has been a difficult path to independence, however. Enemies on all sides have beset the city and its province; old alliances have been broken and from them have come new enmities. The collossal Durnalian Empire to the Northeast, across the Kunyori Sea, has established trade with Tenigul, but there is often a grave mistrust for the Durnalians; they were bitter enemies in the Last Rift War. This is a delicate time for Tenigul, and its people. Many and varying Factions within the city and without it are at constant odds with each other, and at any moment an old rivalry may erupt into war. Such is the Kingdom of Akar. These are days when friendships are made and broken overnight; when personal gain is the primary loyalty of most men.

So what will your role be here, traveller? Will you profit greatly here, or will you become the pawn of the powerful? Whom will you serve? Or will you serve yourself? The decision is yours, but beware whom you befriend. Not all is as it seems in the City of Tenigul.

Mud Theme: An original themed fantasy MUSH with exciting background and many twists.

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