Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron, Guns and Blood
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Tired of the same Godwars PVE MUD? Then Age of Heroes is for you!

This MUD is based off of Barebones Dystopia 1.4, ROM and ROT.

The CLASSES that are available vary with your TIER and allow you to grow stronger as they impart even more bonuses! But it doesn't stop there, as you can also pick a RACE and gain various other abilities alongside your class!

SYMBIOTE: Just to add some more spice to your character, you can get a Symbiote! This helps improve certain areas, making you stronger!

EMPIRE/ARMY: You control your own empire, which allows resources, such as ores, metals, woods, food etc... for crafting and building more! You also gain an army, which you can upgrade! These help you in battle, but remember to keep them fed, or else they will abandon you!

MATERIALS/SMITH/FORGE/ALLOYS: We currently have 275 materials ready to be used for all your crafting needs! We're constantly working on adding bonuses for many of them to make your items stand out and shine, just the way you want! To add icing on the cake, we even have GUNS!

MINE/FORAGE/CHOP: You can get many materials from the mines, trees, and vegetation that grow all around, and then STORE them to use them!

AREAS: All of our areas are customized, with new being added in and revised as we can. We also have a wilderness area to explore!

SPHERES: We have quite a few spheres to tack on even greater power to you!

With 200 Mortal levels and 10 Ascension levels, you can create a very unique character! Best of all, BOTTING IS LEGAL (because we know it can be a grind sometimes!)

So come check us out, Age of Heroes @ 2250!

Mud Theme: PVE (Rom + GW)

Client Recommendation: Mushclient

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