Aadaria: Rebirth


Welcome to Aadaria - We are based on the AOD by Shryp, and have recently renamed from Aadarian Realms to Aadaria.

Aadarian Realms was created in 2014 by Tijer, our aim was to bring a decent version of the Aadaria codebase for the players. Aadarian Realms currently has the following Races:

Demon, Heucuva, Human, Minotaur, Pixie, Satyr, Titan, Treant, Troll and Vampire

With the following classes over 2 Tiers:

Tier 1: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Druid, Acolyte Tier 2: Wizard, Priest, Mercenary, Gladiator, Strider, Sage, Lich

We also feature the following: * Missions (player achievements). * Exploration Code (Room/Object/Mobile) * Forge System - Collect Metals to Make equipment * Fully Automated Quest System * GQuests - Similar to the above system but with multiple mobs, and allows mutiple players to take part. * Arena System * Spam Toggles - Allows you to remove various messages from your screen. * Alias system - Allows multiple command substitutions * PK System - PK rules automated to prevent illegal interference. * Looting point system installed for looting to limit looting of harder to obtain items. (5 points per corpse) * PK Records - Automatic saving of all your kills / deaths and the opponents you were fighting including level / clan. (pkcheck command) * Item Storage - Can store extra equipment in the various banks. * Top Charts - Shows top ranking players in various categories. * Checkstat Command - Can dump the contents of various game_tables to see stats on races / classes / skills / groups / etc. * Mobile AI - Some mobiles act more like players and less like punching bags. * Automated Clans - All the clan building is done by the players and not the Immortals. * Index Command - Will locate all matching help files * Lookup Command - Allows you to find directions to areas. * Run Command - Allows speed walking certain directions. Can be used with area names for automatic lookup of directions. * Plist Command - Functions as a cross between who and finger. * Racial Command - Controls your racial affects. * Revive Command - Allows you to hire a mortician to locate your corpses. * A fully functional OLC (Online Creation) which allows things to be modifed online without the need for reboots.

We are aiming to re-code most of features from our previous codebase, and are looking for dedicated coders/builders and players.


Mud Theme: Fantasy PKilling

Client Recommendation: MUSHClient

Aadaria: Rebirth Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Brian
Posted on Sat May 14 20:30:49 2016 / 0 comments
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Blood drips from a wound cut deep into the Wardens leg and he winced as several worlds dance from his mouth. A light green glow envelopes his leg, and when it faded, the wound had closed. No sooner than he had finished the spell, another Leira ambushed him from the shadows and he barely dodged.

'You must be silenced!' the three Leira scream in unison as they ready their next assault.

'No one can know the truth!'

The Warden frowned as he realized the weapon he held in his hands wasnt able to penetrate the hide of the triplet creatures. The blade touched their skin but dragged across it like two grinding stones, the magic within the blade keeping it from dulling. He instead used that to his advantage and began deflecting their claws and blows with the blade.

The fight went on for a time until the Warden slowly realized the futility in his cause. He just wasnt strong enough alone. Self preservation took over and he raised his hand as it began to eminate the burning light of the sun and in a brilliant flash a Solar Flare blinded his attackers. He took this opportunity of confusion to flee. As he made his way through the Palace he scanned each room, noting over twelve powerful combatants, he realized each one posed the same problem. Alone, he isn't enough.

Knowing that the Leira were trying so hard to keep him silent, he wondered what other things were hidden in those halls. With determination he grabbed a quill and piece of parchment, and wrote a simple note.

'Seeking Adventurers'

Satisfied that it was to the point, he made his way through New Aadarian and began to distribute the fliers.

- In Aadarian Realms, there is something for everyone. I have been playing - for about a year and I keep coming back. The MUD description and the first - player review really do explain much of what is here. What it cant do is - show the fun you can have once you've figured out what your doing. If you - were like me, and you avoided any MUD that entertained Player Killing - stop in, I urge you to give this MUD a try. The players are respectful of - each other here and I have never met anyone that hasnt tried to make the - experience a positive one, as I have in the past elsewhere. I am not saying - you wont ever be challenged, but there is a lot to gain from trying your - hand in the PKILL side. Like ANY game, the overall fun of what it has to - offer can only be experienced at its fullest, with adventurers around to - share it.

- The Immortals want players to be involved in what happens here. They can - give us the game, they can give us the features and toys, but they cant - make us play. Come see what there is to offer already, and why not give - some ideas on what you think could be improved or added and make a footprint - in Aadarina Realms!

- Hope I see you in the game!

- Vharuk the Warden, Zenguard Luminary

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Review posted by Thraxian
Posted on Fri Apr 24 08:03:26 2015 / 0 comments
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Aadarian Realms shows a great deal of promise. Currently, the playerbase is still rather small, as the mud is in a rebuilding phase, but both the players and the immortals are working together to introduce new features, ensure class and skill balance is maintained, and grow the mud into a place where long-time veterans and new mudders alike can have fun. Returning to the beloved hack-and-slash powerlevelling muds that have been popular since the early 90s, Aadarian Realms provides a world where players can plow through 101 levels at breakneck speed. Twice. This fast-paced progression gives players opportunity to explore all facets of the mud without having to grind for hours upon end. If that's where it ended, players would leave as quickly as they came. During the 3rd tier, progression slows down considerably (about 25x slower), allowing for a more prolonged (but not begrudginly so) levelling experience as players approach the level cap. After reaching the level cap, Aadarian Realms provides a system of further growth, where players continue to benefit from gaining experience as their stats improve. These additional 'devotion' levels are permanent to the character, so even if you choose to start the 3rd tier over and explore another class, the time spent improving your character is not lost. Along the way to the level cap, players can participate a variety of activities. Earn special equipment by completing autoquest and global quests. Craft custom equipment using mining and tailoring, part of the unique tradeskills system. Personalize equipment through the automated restringing system. Fill and expand your storage vault, which provides a place to keep all your unused or sentimental stuff, safe from theft, accidental loss, or damage. A built-in map system provides players a unique look at their local surroundings. Traveling around the world is simplified by the use of commands that allow locating and running to specific areas with ease. The immortals are very responsive and communicative, and are frequently seen interacting with the players via chat and in-game appearances. Suggestions and recommendations from the players are encouraged as the staff is dedicated to building a game that provides the greatest amount of fun for the players, while still maintaining a fair and healthy balance. Although I've only played for a few weeks, I already feel at home here. If you enjoy the simplicity of a hack-and-slash mud, but also enjoy experimenting with various classes and customizations, Aadarian Realms might just be the place for you. Come quickly and be a part of shaping the future as your voice will be heard and your dreams can become reality!

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