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Tubmud is an English mud, but because it resides in Berlin, Germany, a lot of its citizens come from Germany and speak German.

Since it is a fantasy-based World, it resides (temporally) in 'the long distant past' and the main goal of the game is to (heroically or cunningly) solve several of about 30 quests and some additional scenarios, gain experience in exploring the world and fighting vicious beasts and fantastic creatures that haunt the world in almost every region.

Opposed to that, there also exists a parallel dimension where one plays a Monster and must try to survive the threat of adventurers, mostly wrecking their quest-solving attempts in the process (just to show the other side of the coin) in quite hilarious ways.

To prevent a poisoning of the mud-atmosphere, fighting between players is severely restricted if not forbidden (up till now). One could say, that we strive for cooperation as opposed to competition, although there are nevertheless ample possibilities for the players to compete with one another in various ways.

After having gained a certain amount of experience as an adventurer, each player is left with the choice of staying a player and becoming one of the Peers, that is, leaders of one of several clans, getting the chance to organize, and thus, better the mud-life of one's fellow clan-members.

The other choice one is left with (even after having been a Peer of one of the clans for a while) is, of course, becoming a powerful wizard who can alter reality itself by embedding their very essence and creativity into the world, being able to enlarge and modify it in all but the most fundamental ways. It is also not uncommon (and made very easy) for a community of wizards to form who will combine their efforts to do some projects that couldn't be done single-handedly.

It is also no must for a wizard to make any modifications to the game. There can be a lot of social, organisatory and other aspects of wizardly life one can engage oneself in. There really is no restriction on what a wizard has to or can do (apart from a small set of rules which mostly deal with the upholding of the world's athmosphere and game's balance). Monthly wizard-conferences are held for discussions of the mud's development, existing problems (be they of a technical or social nature) etc.

But also, Tubmud tries to be a Social Mud as much as a Game. Therefore, Tubmud is no hard-core roleplaying game but in many respects a community of people who share a world between themselves and are able to communicate in a lot of ways with one another. That is why there are a lot of ways of communication available to everybody, like a lot of discussion-boards, a mail-system, free 'tells' (a sort of secret telepathy) and some others. Even communication with other worlds is easily possible.

To further the good relations between the mud-citizens, at least one big mud-meeting is held each year (up till now all have taken place in Germany during the summer vacations) where everybody is welcome who is willing and able to attend.

All in all, Tubmud primarily tries to provide you with a lot of fun in as many ways possible while holding you to the least possible number of rules and regulations.

Ugh the Library Orang-Utan (Archwizard of Tubmud)

Mud Theme: Pseudo-Fantasy/Medieval

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