Moments of Hatred: Generations
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Moments of Hatred was originally created by Jaden in 2010, this is the continuation of that MUD.

We feature the following classes:

Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Mage, Highlander, Drow, Monk and Ninja.

Along with the following remort classes:

Satan's Assassin (Ninja/Demon), Susumu (Ninja/Drow), Shinobi (Ninja/Monk), ShadowLycan (Ninja/Werewolf), Yamashita (Ninja/Mage), Seiji (Ninja/Vampire), Lloth's Servant (Demon/Drow), Shaolin Fiend (Demon/Monk), Hound of Hell (Demon/Werewolf), Nephandi (Demon/Mage), Blood Demon (Demon/Vampire), D'Ilmater (Monk/Drow), Oozaru (Monk/Werewolf), Kensai (Monk/Mage), Slake (Monk/Vampire), Lycoth's Homid (Drow/Werewolf), Maerdyn (Drow/Mage), Darkling (Drow/Vampire), Skindancer (Werewolf/Mage), Abomination (Werewolf/Vampire) and Lich (Vampire/Mage).

The MUD has been improved upon in many ways since it first started in 2011 (Shortly after Jaden released the code to the public). Pretty much every single known crash bug has been fixed (there may be more that crop up as we get players back again). Recently Jaden has been kind enough to send me copies of pfiles from ALL of his versions of the codebase, so if you played Moments of Hatred since the beginning then your pfile MAY still exist. (i have various versions of the pfiles so if you dont have the one you remember contact me in mud)

Moments of Hatred: Generations is the final version of the Moments of Hatred codebase, and will be online until such time as the server is no longer available.

We may be quiet currently, but we aren't going to be vanishing anytime soon

Mud Theme: Pkill

Client Recommendation: MushClient

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