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Federation 2 - Play for Free

Forget about the orcs and monsters in other games - Fed 2 has real challenges for grownups! Like day trading commodities futures and launching an IPO for your own company. Like bigger and better planets, a vastly enhanced events system, interactive mobiles and more.

There's even an ATM machine on the far side of the Sun!

Remember, Federation 2 is about commerce, politics, intrigue, power and money.

Things that matter in real life. Federation 2 is a newly rewritten version of the original Federation with all the charm and humor of the original but adding new features and challenges based on our 15 years of multiplayer game experience and players requests. There are new ranks, new planets, new features, new challenges, new things to do.

BUILD YOUR OWN PLANETS - design and build your own custom planet! Run your economy, let others build factories on your planet, build infrastructure, build a spaceport, make a fortune, build an empire!

Come play Federation 2for free and enjoy the excitement again. We'll even throw in a set of starter maps of the Solar System.

Now Announcing:


Fed Term is the new GRAPHICAL front end for Federation 2. This means players will be able to supply their own custom avatar picture to display on their own computer as well as all the other players while in the game. It also means pictures of your ship.

And it also means AutoMapping! Really easy to use, intuitive automapping built in, ready to use.

And it means, graphic stat displays for you and your spaceship. And, a new multi-tabbed pane to display and communicate with all the other players in the game and a special friends panel. And many more useful and nifty features players have asked for!

The new Fed Term makes playing Federation 2 more than a text game. It's becoming an exciting synthesis of Graphic and Text!

Mud Theme: Science Fiction, Economics, Planets, Space

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Review posted by Ammut
Posted on Mon Jan 6 11:53:53 2014 / 2 comments
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I played Federation back when it was still on AOL and I wasn't even a teenager. Years later I found Fed2 and thought I'd give it a try. While it is very, very different from the previous version, it is fun in its own way. There are no more ship based fights, so all there is really to do is sit back, watch your numbers go up, and chat with the small amount of people playing (at any given time, divide the number of players by 3 to get the real amount, as multi-playing is allowed).

The game is riddled with bugs, ranging from manipulating exchanges on certain planets in your favor (but not the owner), to complete crashes of the game, causing you to lose all your progress. I spent over a month trying to work my way up through one of the ranks, only to find each night someone had crashed the game yet again -- sometimes, I think they do it deliberately.

Don't even think about expressing an opinion in this game that differs from the hivemind of conservatives who play. If you aren't one of them, they will do whatever they can to bring down your planet and company, either by investing and then withdrawing support all at once (causing a market crash). If you enjoy losing hard fought progress in a game that can take years to reach the final rank, you'll love Federation 2.

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Comment posted on Sat Sep 22 05:42:52 2012 by Djentsch:

There is nothing that says you can't express an opinion in the game.

What this player is referring to is a comment that was made in regards to politics in the real world. We try to keep politics from the real world out of the game because of the diverse amount players from around the world who call our game home.

There is no hive mind as this player states and there have been many who've stated their opinions on a wide array of topics over the many years that I've played this game and nothing has happened to them as this player states happened to him.

I have conducted many experiments in the past on trying to ruin a player's company/planet and I have never been able to cause this event to happen. Ammut, I hope that you do read this and come back to the game, if you don't that is your choice.

Comment posted on Thu Jan 2 12:29:20 2014 by Arctic:

I've been playing Federation since prior to it going on AOL. Agree w/ Ammut's comments that the game is different in several ways from the earlier version. However, at this point the game is stable and crashes rarely (less than once per month) - considering that players can create their own code for their planets, this is a remarkable feat! As for his complaints, I've never observed the hivemind Ammut describes. In addition, it is impossible for any group to 'bring down' a planet - the activity it would take would actually earn the planet more if the owner chooses to exploit that activity!

Review posted by dopplershift
Posted on Fri Jul 3 22:29:57 2009 / 2 comments
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Federation II is an interesting, dynamic, and ever-changing game. It challenges the player to proceed from buying his first spaceship to eventually creating his own galactic space system and planets. It is a long process that requires months, even years of gameplay to achieve, and the opportunities for advancement are regularly extended, providing players continued challenges.

There are three major drawbacks however, as I have experienced. First, it is a low-budget, one-man operation resulting in numerous, if not frequent, crashes. This requires the player to maintain a frequently updated off-line database in order to request that lost data be restored. Otherwise, progress in the game is lost in the event of a crash. One such crash, as noted by other reviewers, resulted in a total loss of all data, requiring players to begin again from scratch.

Second, progress to Planet Owner status is tedious at best. It requires operations such as loading a specified cargo on your spaceship and delivering it to a specified destination for literally hundreds of iterations. Not particularly a 'fun' process.

Finally, the Fed staff/monitors are active in the game as players. In this game, players can 'marry' other players in the game. Many of the Fed Staff are 'married' to regular players. IMHO, this leads to the loss of objectivity and the development of 'cliques'. If you are not in, you are out.

That's my two cents worth. Try it for yourself.

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Comment posted on Thu Jan 22 15:44:05 2009 by Kalandra:

I have a couple of issues with the reviewer's assessment of the game. I have been playing the original Federation and lately Federation II for many years since its days on the AOL games server back in the late 90s. Most of the complaints he has mentioned are common ones made over the public address system on a daily basis, but are usually done in good humor.

What he doesn't mention is that the number of required 'runs' that he complained about has been reduced a number of times. For a first time player, these help orient them to the different features of the game, as well as provide insight as to how a planet might be written to add depth. The second purpose of these runs is to prevent people from rocketing up the ranks in a few hours using macros and scripts.

While this might not seem like a bad thing at first glance, the lower ranks are important for new players to fully experience and the programmer is trying to keep people playing the game, not just setting a program running and walk away from the computer, which minimizes the social aspects of the game.

The game is admittedly a work in progress, but staff has always been fair in my experience and they will often recuse themselves if their 'significant other' is involved with an issue. The formality of marriage in the game merely makes obvious and official to anyone looking what would otherwise be hidden through private friendships. It is a social game, and as such there are friendships and alliances but I wouldn't go so far as to call the game 'cliquish.'

The programmer has had problems with other people 'helping' code the game which had previously resulted in an unmanageable mess. And this is the primary reason that the game is programmed by one person instead of several. I have never had issues with 'losing progress' due to the occasional crash that hasn't quickly been rectified by staff and the issue that cause 'the big one' as I call it has been resolved. Anyone that has done any programming knows that a work in progress will have bugs. And with people constantly testing the limits of the game, crashes will happen.

Overall, as I said in my previous review its a fun game, and very social. There is a lot of gameplay that is missed by speeding through the ranks to planet owner, and I wish more players would take the time to enjoy what each rank has to offer rather than trying to 'beat' the game all in one sitting.

Comment posted on Fri Jun 19 01:55:45 2009 by NolePaul:

Kalandra's response is right on. While I have not been part of the Fed II community as long as she has, I must say this is a fun MUD and a unique one to be part of.

To the reviewer's take about the crashes. There has only been ONE major crash, other then that, the servers are very reliable. The staff are very nice. Hazed, Freya, and all the other 'demi-goddesses and gods' are all very nice and very helpful.

Review posted by Lemon
Posted on Wed Feb 13 22:24:28 2008 / 0 comments
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Way back when, when I was something of 10 or 11 years old, I stumbled upon this game while browsing around AOL. I have absolutely no idea what drew me to a MUD game, seeing as I was of the age where I'd need flashing lights and constant audio stimulation to keep me happy, but for some reason I could not pry myself away from Fed. That should say something about this game, that it was able to keep a prepubescent boy on the internet entertained for any length of time.

Why? Beats me. Fed's actually a very average MUD. Just something about the maturity of the game, though, is very attractive. It's not based on exploitation and grinding, but simply politics and good smarts. The atmosphere of this game (a text game with atmosphere, I know) is captivating somehow, just the way the world 'feels'.

One of the best things about this game is how much you have to rely on yourself to find your way around. The premise is simple enough, but the fact that you basically have to map out the entire universe outside the solar system (or find someone very, very generous) by yourself through trial and error is great. And there's really no way anyone can 'help' you in Fed, lest they find themselves losing ground in their own matters. Everyone is a man's man in Federation.

I love this game. I haven't played it in years, but I just might pick it back up again now that I see it's free.

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Review posted by Ryan
Posted on Sun Dec 2 21:23:50 2007 / 2 comments
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Ok, well here is something funny enough. First they SAY they back up, that's a load of crap. One crash 3 months ago lost 'billing files.' Imagine that for a 'free' game. Now that they lose ALL the data, instead of backing up from a few months ago, let's make everyone start over.

Is there ANY qualified coder? Oh wait, it's a sociologist who is too arrogant to ask for help. People can be bumped up to their 'previous rank' but apparently it's too much work to do a restore. Why even back up?

Now, more to the heart of things, even the crudest of MUDS have objects that you can pick up, wear and keep, apparently this is also too confusing of a concept for this game. Oh and money? Amass all you want you still won't be able to BUY anything for yourself. Just more factories etc, etc.

This game has been 'under construction' for a long time. It is not the ranks, it's just not a diverse world. Socials/Verbs are limited to 5, everything else you have to act/emote.

Those that give good reviews I doubt have played a real MUD. The staff would not have to beg for money every week if they made a game worth paying for. If the backups are too intense, use something open source like MySql and a combination of others. I am SURE someone on a C++ panel for England would KNOW how to dump the data to a database. Sit down? Nope you have to act it out and can move without acting the stand back up. Will they listen to what players want? Of course not! They will tell you what YOU want and you better not argue. This game was semi-sophisticated with it's economy back in the mid to late 90's (Fed the original) but half the stuff that made the game so neat (things like contracting jobs to other players etc) is not in this version. Fed 2? more like Fed -1.

So what can you expect, should you start playing FedII? Backups that will never be used, even in an event that warrants the use of them. Primitive gameplay. No grouping (you cannot follow anyone) that feature broke and the great C++ panel coder can't figure out how to fix something as simple as following, something so simple that 98% of the muds out there have it? Swallow your pride ask for some help from someone who knows how to code (the game does have a loyal following that cannot be denied) and maybe THEN you might have a product that warrants paying for. As it is, I cannot recommend this.

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Comment posted on Wed Sep 5 21:57:18 2007 by Jerry:

Y'know, I haven't played Fed since my pre-internet days when it existed on a BBS in the UK, but I'm still drawn to comment on this.

I know, for a fact, that the game has grown immeasurably since back then and back then we payed £1.50/hour for the privilege. Commenting on the lack of pre-written socials, no sit, no follow, etc serves only to demonstrate the reviewers narrow vision of the M* world. Fed doesn't fit the cookie-cutter mold, Fed isn't for people who lack the imagination to use a pose command and need actions written for them.

Fed isn't like '98% of other muds out there'. Fed does indeed have a loyal following, people who want more from a MUD than the 98% of MUDs out there that are cliched clones of everything you've ever played before.

Comment posted on Sun Dec 2 09:06:29 2007 by Jeremy D. Collins:

Yes, the database loss was a bad incident in itself. Game staff did restore players to their rightful places. The backups failed unfortunatley and steps were taken to correct the issue. Federation is a game where you don't level jump as fast as you can. You can't 'finish' the game.

As for objects. There are several objects you can pick up in the game used for puzzles/quests. I guess you should have played a bit longer :) There are also several things to spend your gaming groats on mainly after you become planet owner.

The follow command was disabled not that it was broken. Some players, 'lets call them bad apples' used the follow command to help cheat in the game having multiple players complete puzzles all at once. Some things are necessary in gameplay to be disabled because some people want to fly through the ranks as fast as ever. If you want to do this, Federation II is not for you.

Btw, I do pay for a subscription on Federation II, since this is my type of game. Hack/slash I do not enjoy. So if you want a relaxing, space oriented roleplaying environment without fighting other people (currently ship battles aren't enabled), come and enjoy Federation II, its definitely a different world :)

Review posted by Cloudbase
Posted on Sun Mar 25 20:07:39 2007 / 0 comments
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I note with interest the good and bad comments made about FED II. What I find interesting is the negative comments are all made anonomously, and therefore by people who are still playing.

So after all is said and done, it must be pretty good, as most players opinions show, because even those that are knocking it, are playing it anyway.

My opinion, (for what it is worth), is that this is a superb game, and it isn't even finished yet!!!! Just imagine how good it can get with the input of ideas coming from the players of the game itself.

The truth is, I hope they never finish coding it and introducing new ranks and features, that way I will have to keep on playing forever.

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Review posted by Brian Christopher
Posted on Mon Mar 12 21:25:35 2007 / 0 comments
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If you like to kill monsters or other players then Fed II is not the game for you. However, if you would like to experience something new and have fun doing it then Fed II is the place to go. From Groundhog to Planet Owner (you can design your own) Fed II is first and foremost designed for player enjoyment. Space trading in 67 commodities and inter-action between players makes Fed II the best online game on the web. It is textbased so you must use your imagination to some degree but the front-end (FedTerm) which is recommended does enhance the pictorial experience. The expression, 'Try it, you'll like it', comes to mind so try it as I am sure you will love it as I do.

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Review posted by Kalandra
Posted on Mon Mar 12 21:23:43 2007 / 0 comments
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Hmmmm, where to start talking about one of the most interesting games that I have ever played? Like many players, I originally came to Fed on AOL when it went unlimited and enjoyed making friends and generally socializing across the universe. I was saddened when Fed was forced to go pay for play because my fledgling budget as an independent adult just didn't have room. Years passed and in the fall of 2005 I wondered what had become of IBgames and Fed and swung by ibgames.net to check it out. Lo and behold Fed was back as FedII. At first I thought it was just a redo of the original game but after I logged in I realized it was anything but.

It was the same game, same basic concept but had a whole new twist. Of course we all miss some things from Fed classic (as its known now) but the new puzzles and adventures that the programmers are putting in are great. Doing commerce throughout the galaxy, meeting new people and building friendships, and eventually designing my own world are just some of the things that keep me coming back month after month.

The friendly staff and other players ensured that as an old newbie there was plenty of help and of course there is an extensive manual to help decode some of the ranks and terminology. Don't believe me? Stop in and say hello. I'll be it will be well worth your time.

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Review posted by Anon
Posted on Sun Jul 12 22:34:21 2009 / 6 comments
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This game is a series of bugs crashes and pig headed management. It never gets better and now 2 years later, isn't even finished. A FOLLOW/GROUPING feature has been broken for months and upon mailing the staff of the game to ask when it would be fixed, I got a reply saying that making the next rank for the game is more important. What on earth? With no players it wont matter how many ranks this game has. It has killed the social aspect and the aspect of making friends.

The staff also begs for money once a week in their newsletter. This supposedly free game isn't finished and Screams 1990's. The original version was better. I played the original and mistakes they had made and fixed too late cost them most of their playerbase.

Oh and only 1 person codes for the game even though there have been volunteers. And the head coder, regardless of his claims to be on the C++ panel cant seem to code his way out of a paper bag. Crashes, meaning lost progress because they apparently can't figure out to code mid day saves, rolling your progress back a day any time the game crashes, which is frequent. I have hung in as long as I can, it's time to say goodbye.

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Comment posted on Sun Mar 11 11:30:48 2007 by Sephorin:

Having played both Federation 1 on AOL in the '90s and the new Federation 2, I can say that there are certainly a number of similarities and differences. Some I like more than others. One similarity is the fact that Fed 1 and Fed 2 are both as stable as rocks. I have never had any problems with the stability of this game. Perhaps crashes happened a couple of years ago when Fed 2 was still young, but I, myself, have not experienced even one since I started playing about a month ago.

I was a bit put off by the reviewerís characterization of the Fed2 Star. This is the weekly newsletter that the staff and players put out. Itís an entertaining read, and I very much appreciate the time and effort they put into writing it. Since Federation 2 is free to play, the designers are naturally eager for donations to defer server/connection costs--hardly an unreasonable position in my opinion. Whatís neat is that you can use your donations to buy extras within the game, things that are not necessary to advance but that make your life a bit easier.

I disagree with the reviewer's comment about the FOLLOW command undermining socialization in the game. I don't recall there being a FOLLOW command in the original Fed (and if there was one, I didn't use it), and that by no means made it difficult for me to form friendships. I donít think having the command is even necessary, and I would personally rather the designers spend their time coding new ranks (which I would certainly use) rather than adding a follow command (which I probably wouldnít use).

In any case, I hope you wonít be dissuaded from trying Fed 2 by the anonymous reviewerís comments. Itís a great community, and Iíve had a lot of fun with the game. If you do stop by, be sure to say hello to me.


Comment posted on Mon Mar 12 00:45:46 2007 by Kalandra:

While I understand the exasperation for having parts of the game not functioning the way /he/ wants them to, its important for anyone to recognize that Fed2 is a game being built around the players that are in it. Player suggestions are constantly being added to the game to make it easier and more fun to play. This kind of flexibility just isn't available in a game that is already coded. Sure the crashes are annoying at times, but as sad as it sounds, each crash actually brings us closer to a finished game that functions well not just in testing but in real play.

There was one time when a player picked up an object that was supposed to be immovable! No one had thought of it until he did it by accident. It's things like this that make the game more fun, not less so. BTW taking a taxi is no longer something that you can do. :) As for only one person coding the game, I think that it provides a stability to the game, the progression of additions is logical and not just whatever gets done fastest and of course it always keeps us on our toes wondering what he'll come up with next!

Oddities aside, try the game, have some fun with it, get to know the people in it. Its not all about racing to the finish line and 'winning the game' its about enjoying the social aspects of playing a game with friends.

Comment posted on Mon Mar 12 16:22:53 2007 by Cloudbase:

I played the very original FED on Compunet prior to its reincarnation on AOL, and after many years was delighted to find FED II in August 2006.

After all those years much has changed, but I can assure you of one thing, I have been playing FED II everyday for the last 8 months without exception. Yes, there have been crashes during that time, to my recollection 3 of them, and yes on one occasion it caused a roll back to a previous save, but it was hardly the end of the world!!!

So has any of those 3 occasions put me off playing FED II, not at all. I am still logged in 24/7's and am still loving every minute of it.

Its not just the games itself that challenges you in different ways for different ranks, its the community of people that live within FED II.

Every new player is made to feel welcome and is never shunned. And yes, one big difference from when I first played FED, is that the game is totally free. You can purchase Slithies via the website, and this allows benefits and aids, but the game is totally playable without these. All the staff ask is that you make contributions towards the upkeep of the game, and I stress ASK. I was always taught that if you dont ask, you dont get. Its a game, but to keep it running for us to enjoy, I understand that it takes cold hard cash. So for this reason, I donate in the form of purchasing Slithies, apart from a thankyou email for doing so, I receive no other benefit or recognition than anyone who does not, nor do i know who does or does not.

I hope FED II stays free, it will attract more players and be even more enjoyable, but I for one will say now, if i had to pay to play (just like I did in the old days), I would have no hesitation in doing so.

Comment posted on Mon Mar 12 16:37:02 2007 by Anon:

I completely agree with the author's opinions. Players lose much with the frequent game crashes, which can't seem to be stopped. Other games I have been in are much more prepared for the loss of personal money and other such things. It has been one headache after another to deal with the internal problems of the game.

The social aspect of the game seems to have stagnated over the last year, or more. New players seem to have fun, but once in the game for any long length of time, they grow bored with the lack of things to do, since really it's all about hauling, hauling, hauling.

I think the senior staff really need to stop and re-evaluate where they want the game to go. Another thing that might help is if the senior staff actually played the game they created, from beginning to end, and perhaps they would be more aware of the problems lurking under the surface. Also, it would be nice if for a change, the senior staff and game developer actually listened to playerbases wants and needs, instead of deciding what the player will want and dismissing player/customer input out of hand.

Comment posted on Mon Mar 12 16:40:39 2007 by Brian Christopher:

Wow, talk about being negative. Some truth to what was said but let's be fair. Fed II is a work in progress and not finished. The original was a terrific game, but give this version a chance. Why? I'll tell you why. First of all it's free and secondly, despite any shortcomings, it's fun. Remember its a game and as a game I have enjoyed playing it for a long time now and for me it's #1.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 11 02:32:03 2009 by Dopplershift:

First, Fed2 is a good game, but it could be a great game. I played it for a long time.

It is marred by the fact that staffers play the game and form alliances with other staffers, and even 'marry' them in the game. This leads to the formation of cliques. Differ with any of the staff, however slightly, and you find yourself locked out of the game.

I was locked out because I objected to a civilian contractor (Zardoz and other alts) playing the game big time on government time.

As a veteran, that galled me. There was no verbal abuse or language involved. Zardoz complained to his 'wife' (A staffer) and I was locked out for 'Harassment'.

Review posted by Jessecka Champion
Posted on Wed Dec 7 21:59:27 2005 / 0 comments
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Many people say they love Fed2. Many people say they don't like Fed2. As I see it, you can only do one or the other. You either get the game, and rapidly become addicted to it, or you don't get it and end up hating it.

Speaking as one who GOT the game, and became addicted to it, sure, there are many things that some people might not like about the game. Personal rudeness to fellow players is not allowed. Troll-like behavior is not tolerated.

The game staff tries to make the enviroment one that any person from any culture would be comfortable in. We have many players from around the world. Sometimes it can seem that things are being dealt with harshly, but most players don't know what is going on behind the scenes...what that situation really is.

I've been playing the game now for almost a year, and in that time I've seen the ranks double, meaning there are twice as many finished ranks than there were when I started. I, too, played Classic Fed on Aol, but it was years ago and I didn't play for very long. I fell in love with Fed2 though, and love the people I meet and the fun things I get to do within the game.

Player planets are in the game now, and I had the pleasure of testing the tools to build them, and also have one of the first player planets loaded into the game. It was awesome! A part of the game is actually my creation! Anyone can come and visit it. The tools were easy to learn, proving that the developer puts in extra time to make sure all the programs, tools, and game features are user friendly.

Until you put forth the time to play the game with an open mind and truely explore everything that Fed2 has to offer, then I think you should reserve your judgement. If you would like to try something that takes you past all the kill-kill, hack and slash stuff, then stop in. I'll even buy you a drink!

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Review posted by Jonathan Walker (Xorith)
Posted on Wed Aug 24 23:28:24 2005 / 0 comments
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So you're interested in Federation II, eh?

Well, let me start off by saying that I've been in Federation since I started in the original Classic version, back in 1996. I loved the Classic version very much, and though I grew bored, I was very much pleased to hear of work on Federation II.

My first login was the day after Federation II 'launched' into Alpha. That is, the day movement was actually put into the game. Since then, I've seen a continued commitment to bring new and exciting changes and updates to the game, but let me tell you about the content! Quests, planets, and more!

Federation II is an Adult Space Fantasy Trading Game. In other words, it's geared toward adults who enjoy space/sci-fi settings. Unlike most games, Federation doesn't base advancement on how well you can kill things. The core of Federation is the active, dynamic economy that players must interact with in order to gain advancement. You interact with the economy in nearly every way imaginable through your time in DataSpace (the term for the world Federation exists in).

As someone else said, you start out in the low ranks of a GroundHog. You've got nothing but the non-descriptive coverall on your back and a few groats (money) in your account. From there, you advance onto owning a ship and hauling goods, owning a company, trading in the stock exchanges, and even soon onto owning your own planet that you can design.

Federation II is easy to learn as well, as more complicated things are gradually introduced as you progress in the game. That, and IBGames has made a commitment to seeing to the needs of those with various handicaps. They have informational sites formatted for special-purpose tools, so that even the lack of sight won't leave someone behind.

If you're seeking a change of pace from the normal hack'n'slash games, then give Federation II a try. After nearly 10 years, I'm still having a blast. With endless possibilities for role-play, socializing, and fun, it's definitely in a class of its own.

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Review posted by Jeremy Collins
Posted on Wed Aug 24 23:19:09 2005 / 0 comments
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I was one of the original players when the game was on AOL and it is greater now than it was then!!!

The game is having modifications done to it to make it better!!! Bella & Freya & Jessecka are all friendly be sure to say hellow when you arrived.

The game is time consuming but well worth every minute. Advancing ranks is challenging and well worth the effort, so come join us!

Player ID: Jdcollins Thanks, Jeremy D Collins

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Review posted by Tim Henning
Posted on Sun Aug 14 21:44:59 2005 / 0 comments
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Here's the scoop. and I figured I better make a few things clear first after reading reviews and comments.

1. Fed 2 is free - although there are extras that can be bought they are not necessary to play the game or get the full enjoyment out of it. 2. I am not nor have ever been a staff member 3. This game although easy to play is not based on killing for advancement - it is very capitalistic and puts a fresh detailed in some areas approach to ranks/levels etc. 4. This is a game to be enjoyed - amassing money to put it to work for you can take time - a lot of time and thought was put into this one and it shows. ----

If I were to explain this to a person who has never played on a mud before: Fed II is a capitalistic game. You start out with some money and the clothes on your back. Then take out a loan to buy a ship. Once that is done you contract for jobs to pay of your loan. Promote via contract hauling means twice to a sort of courier. This teaches a lay of the land, but while doing this here you are saving money to trade, buy low, sell high, etc. That in my opinion is where the real fun begins.

A system of several different economies and several different market exchanges make making money a blast. Once you think you've got the hang of that take ftures contracts by the reign to make some dough - try and amass enough money and set out an IPO. Now you're a CEO and have a company with factories to attend to, raw materials to buy, etc. Then you may decide you can spot a good company when you see it - try investing in other players companies.

True - the game is not finished, but I do see it being actively worked on and the staff does add other things to make the current game playable. The manual and help system are extremely well written.

The social atmosphere of this game is excellent. Good Players, good company, I do spend a lot of time here.

I do recommend - but not if all you want to do is race through ranks.

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Review posted by David Woods
Posted on Sun Dec 2 21:25:09 2007 / 3 comments
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Players from AOL who played in the space fantasy game Federation will find this version somewhat familiar but with expanded SOL locations, events, and puzzles. Unfortunately, the development of Federation II is 'ongoing', meaning it's not nearly finished yet and their are no player planets in the game.

The promotion requirements seem to be based on keeping players at lower levels until the game designer can put in new ones. One thing that has not changed from late AOL/early web days is the game management. In fact the clique attitude of the game manager and her followers make the game a significantly less enjoyable one than it could be.

Federation II also advertises as being free - but in order to experience much of the game you have to buy favors (called slithys) from the game management.

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Comment posted on Tue Jul 5 07:41:42 2005 by Cats:

I too started in Classic Fed during the AOL days and stayed with it through the web. It is one of those games that you can leave for a while, but you keep coming back. I first started Fed II in beta (or was that Alpha) and left for a while, then returned. I miss part of the old Fed, but I am curious and excited about some of the features of the new Fed. True, adventurer and (I think) Trader, can be monotonous, but you forget their purpose: with adventurer, getting you to explore, and with Trader, introducing the new concept of futures. We did the exploring in Classic with the GM, but not nearly as thoroughly as now. So, monotonous? Yes, I cursed every time I had to find something in the South Dome on Sumatra. But fun? Yea, I enjoy it.

As for the slithies, the game can be played without them. The perks you get with slithies can enhance gameplay, especially at the Indy and Manu ranks, but there are games and contests where slithies are given away, and I have found also that many players are willing to give you the occasional slithy if you aren't a beggar whining for one. I intend to test the challenge of playing the game without them with a character and will report back on how it goes.

As for the general manager and her friends, some things are as they are. It's not going to change. She's a nice person if you take the time to get to know her and don't irritate her, which is the same of most people.

All in all, I can attest that gameplay in Fed II is unique, challenging, and fun, at least for me. But then, I've been an addict for years.

Comment posted on Tue Jul 5 15:14:22 2005 by John McMillen:

I have thought most of the day about the comment just posted. The previous player's first paragraph is partly true and clearly stated at the Fed2 homepages. The highest ranks (above Manufacturer) have not yet been added to this game. There are several starter planets, with under 40 locations that have been approved and added that were entirely written by current players as a preview of what their final planets will be like once the appropriate rank is added to the game.

As for the 2nd paragraph. Well, obviously if the higher ranks are not yet finished to the programmers satisfaction then the players have to stay at the top rank that is there. My own personal opinion, i have a feeling that the player actually meant, unlike Classic Fed, where it was possible to zoom through all the lower ranks in just a couple of days, and bingo! you're a planet owner. Fed2 has made each rank a challenge, something to thoroughly enjoy, giving players a chance to get to know the game, and what exactly they need to do for each rank.

There was nothing sadder than a new Planet Owner asking everyone in sight, how do i haul? An unfamiliarity with the main planets and locations, and who other players are. Fed2 is not a race, it's something to be enjoyed. There have been several times, where requirements in a couple of the lower ranks have been shortened, which would not have happened if the programmers object was to delay promotions.

Now, to the last comment. Yes, Fed2 is absolutely, positively free!! A slithy is not a requirement for promotion to any rank, and we have been reassured several times, it will never be required. True, there are some enhanced abilities that make life a tad easier to do your job with that Slithy, but in no way does the enjoyment or the experiencing of the game require them.

I am only a player in Fed2. I've enjoyed playing Fed for almost 10 years now. I come, i go, i've paid, i've played for free, i enjoy this game, i enjoy interacting with the other players. Heck, i even enjoy hauling!! Currently, i have not paid anything to the programmer and i am at the highest rank currently available. Guess what, the programmer herself even comes in and asks everyone how they are doing, takes suggestions, listens to feedback, and tweaks the game to make it easier to play, not necessarily easier to promote. Bella and her staff actually seem to listen; unless i'm being silly, then they tease me right back. I agree with Bella (the programer) that it's better to have a fully tested, fleshed out rank, ready for promotion, than to throw something together just so players can promote! Believe it or not. But promoting is not the object of the game (to me anyway). It's the atmosphere and enjoyment of the game, that keeps me here. Thanks for letting me ramble on (Can you just imagine how long my location descriptions will be, once the player owned planets ranks come in AND when i choose to promote to that rank!) :)

Comment posted on Sun Dec 2 17:14:06 2007 by Jeremy D Collins:

Just wanted to update this comment. Player planets have now been installed and have multiple ranks with player planets (including multiple player planets). As for slithies (donations), they are not required for gameplay. They don't allow you to experience anything different than if you had donated.

Not sure where the new experience having Slithies would really come from? Slithies (cute little creatures that are worth alot in game) definitely make gameplay easier. The game is slow at first with learning game commands etc, it was designed that way. Typically alot of newer players have problems with the amount of typing. Well guess what, this is a text-based game, you will be typing no matter what you do :)

Everyone have fun :) JD

Review posted by Daniel Willis
Posted on Sun Apr 10 22:50:38 2005 / 0 comments
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It's almost unfair to call Federation II a MUD. Not only is it a truly original game, unlike minor alterations to stock code like many textbased online games, and not only does it have an infinitely functional specialized front end, but the gameplay is unlike anything I've ever seen.

Rather than the standard hacking and slashing, Fed II offers a more intellectual style of gameplay based on economics. This may sound dull to some people but it's really not. Trading commodities on an exchange that's responding to your actions as well as the actions of the rest of the players, managing a company with factories on planets all over the solar system, it's all exciting and fun. Killing an orc has nothing on making 100% profit on a good trade.

So if you remember Fed 1 from the AOL days or not, give it a shot. I can almost guarantee it's not like any MUD you've ever tried, and it's also free.

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Review posted by Kaldor
Posted on Wed Mar 30 21:42:32 2005 / 0 comments
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Fed II builds on the best parts of the original, but now the economics are more complex and the power structures are more strongly enforced. With the new front-end, the text-based game has a new layer of depth. The game has brought me back to my Mudding roots, but with more complex and educated content and gameplay.

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Review posted by Matt Hall
Posted on Wed Mar 30 21:10:42 2005 / 0 comments
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Text-Based games can seem rather repetitive. Kill an ogre, use a spell, and fight to get to the top. While these games are good fun, luckily gamers have other options.

Federation 2 is one of those other options. Rather than fight beast, players advance ranks through economics, and a variety of different task. Players start off flying amongst planets hauling cargo for a Inter-Galactic Corporation, later promoting to courier work. They then get sent to the Futures Market, followed by starting founding their own company and managing a series of factories. Later on, players will be able to advance to the point where they can own, and custom design, their own planet.

Federation 2 is an original Space-themed trading game. This game does not borrow itís theme from a movie or book. Federation II is a place where you can create your destiny, economic and social. Being a space themed game you would assume that many players would choose to play a Star Wars or Star Trek themed character. While welcome, that isnít always the case. Over the history of Federation many different types of characters have played the game, from Vampires to various Felines, and also a troop Space Pirates. Be whoever you want to be, it just adds to the richness of this community.

When youíre tired of working up the ranks, visit one of the many bars and socialize with new friends, or explore space and the beautiful planets with stories and puzzles worth figuring out. Game Staff also offer nightly events like Fed Word Scramble, Fedpardy, and Guess My Secret. Later down the line when Space Combat is programmed into the game, nightly fighting events will likely take place. (This game is economic based, fighting is never required for promotion, itís just for fun.)

While this game is a text-based game, the designer has built and offers a graphical front-end. Players can now submit aviators, have a visual map, and save their score and a player list in sidebars. The front-end is not required to enjoy or participate in the game however, just an added benefit making the game more friendly to players not use to Text-Based games.

Best part about Federation II? Itís a professional quality game run by a professional company and the cost is NOTHING. You heard me, NOTHING, Federation II is free! Iíve been playing for years, and will continue to, I hope you join us.

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Review posted by Robert Rendahl
Posted on Thu Oct 18 20:44:08 2007 / 5 comments
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The sequel to the original Federation, played on GEnie, AOL, and independently on the Web, Fed II is part economic, part adventure, part social, and part political. It's 200 years after the fall of Ming the Merciless, and the bureaucratic Galactic Administration has risen up as the seat of power in the solar system. You start out as whatever you want to be (human, animal, mythical creature, space alien, droid, etc. - use your imagination) and arrive at the Meeting Point on Earth.

So begins your life and career in Federation. Buy yourself a spaceship and work your way up the ranks. After a career of hauling goods around the solar system and rare, valuable items, you'll be buying and selling those goods for your own profit, trading commodity futures, bringing your own company public in an IPO, building and running factories, and eventually designing and building your own star system, complete with your own planets, with their own economies, layout, and puzzles of your own design to suit your personality.

You'll also have puzzles along the way that you can take on for your own amusement, and earn honors and special awards if you succeed in solving them. And don't worry about death being fatal if you do something dumb, like fly into the sun - you have the ultimate life insurance in this game - cloning (as long as you've paid the premium).

So come on in, be whatever you feel like being, meet and relax with new friends, buy them a round of your favorite drink (or your favorite dish) in the nearest bar, and bring out the capitalist in you as you work your way up to the top at your own pace. You'll never run out of challenges and things to do.

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Comment posted on Wed Jan 19 22:34:29 2005 by Bob Johnson:

As exciting as the previous review might lead you to believe this game is, it is not for the casual gamer. If you have only a couple hours a night to play don't bother.

This is a pay to play mud, conversion is about 13-15 dollars a month US, and the game is not even finished. Currently they have about 1/3 of the ranks available that are supposed to be in the final release of the game.

The rank requirements for the lower levels will lead you to a lot of typing...A LOT. I spent about 5 hours a night for 3 nights in a row constantly typing, and got past one rank. They are very macro unfriendly.

Want to simplify all that typing? Got a few zmud triggers?

Forget it. Coding is in place to make you wait if you deliver something to fast, or randomly drop you somewhere in the game.

If the game was fully finished, if there was not at least a solid week of typing for the serious gamer, or a month or more of typing for the casual gamer, then a positive review would be possible.

As I see it now, this game is a stay away game. As in spend your money on a text based MMOG that is fully finished. Games should be fun. When I get off work I don't want to go home and work again just to have a good time...

Comment posted on Sun Apr 3 23:13:01 2005 by Matt Hall:

Both comments no longer apply to the game because of recent changes.

Comment posted on Sat Apr 9 16:36:53 2005 by Daniel Willis:

The negative reply to this has one major factual error, and a couple things that don't seem to match up to the actual game.

First off, the core game is free. No required monthly fee. You do have to pay for extra bells and whistles, but if you're short on cash they're luxuries and optional.

Second, I don't know why he'd think you have to put that much time into it. It's not Everquest. In fact the very protection he complains about - the mechanisms to stop macros and triggers - keeps that from being true. The game's designed to stop power-leveling, so that amount of time isn't really necessary.

Finally, regarding the typing, it's a textbased game. There's typing involved. It's not excessive, but if you mind typing I'm not entirely sure why you'd be on a MUD site.

Aside from claiming a free game charges a monthly fee which is entirely wrong, the author of the comment deserves his opinion, but the specific complaints struck me as strange enough to warrant a reply. Aside from not allowing triggers, I'm not sure he was playing the same game as I was...

Comment posted on Mon Mar 12 15:20:18 2007 by Brian Christopher:

Fed II is free so let's be truthful about that although there are extras offered for a price. The game can and is played without the extras, but it is nice to have a choice.

One truth that the reviewer did make was about typing. There is a fair amount of typing involved. Not dissimilar to replying to this review as a matter of fact. If you do not like typing then you will probably not like Fed II. Fed II is also not the place for macros. If you cannot enjoy a game without macros then Fed II is not the place for you but take it from me, Fed II is a place to have fun and experience a space fantasy at the same time.

Comment posted on Wed Oct 17 11:51:09 2007 by Voyager Sam:

I commented for one reason only. Some people are confused about a previous post regarding Federation 2 as a pay-to-play MUD. The post after it notified that the review is now incorrect due to recent changes on Federation 2. I remember coming across this game in 2005, and indeed it was not free at that time; it was monthly P2P. However, I recently returned to this game, and found that it is free again. At the time of these postings, the game was not free. Therefore there was nothing untrue about that post, and I was not willing to pay for the game either, although now I do enjoy it. Brings back a lot of memories.

Note that this is a neutral review, clarifying what seems to be a misunderstanding about why the previous reviewer said the game was not free. Read the other reviews to see if this is a game you'd enjoy or not.

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