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TMC Player Reviews: IcewindMUD

Review Submitted By: Akilles
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on IcewindMUD: 1998
Submission Date: Jan 26, 2005
TMC Listing: IcewindMUD

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Akilles] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

IceWind is first of all a very friendly place. Players and
wizards/arches are extremely helpful and friendly, so as a newbie all
you have to do is ask, and you can be sure they will help you out with
what ever you want/need to know. Also, the world of IceWind is in
constant growth, new areas and kingdoms are implemented very often,
and so you always discover something new. Icewind is a fun place to
explore, you always stumble over a new secret or two when exploring
somewhere new and exciting!

Doing quests is a great way to start out your adventuring career, both
for knowledge of the mud's areas, to experience(gaining levels),
figuring out where the different guilds(clans) are located, and
earning money.

Later on, as you advance your levels and become more experienced, you
can start to do more advanced and more difficult quests. Slay more and
more fearsome creatures, and you get cooler and cooler equipment. ;-)

Also, when you pass level 20, and you have gathered up enough quest
points, then you may become a wizard(if you choose to) in the world of
IceWind, to help build and expand our great world. You will be granted
a tower of your own, where you start out building/creating your
own monsters, areas, equipment, quests or even guilds/clans.
Any wizard will tell you, that creating your own areas, and watching
mortals go out exploring them/dying, is extremely fun and rewarding.

At the moment, there are four guilds(clans) in play:
-The Warmongers, a clan of bloodthirsty warriors with great attacking

-The Shadowmages, a guild of powerful mages of the night, with a _lot_
of different spells and skills, both in attacking,
exploring(teleporting), healing, and defense. They are quite nasty at
mind, and do enjoy killing those goodie-two-shoes creatures. ;-)

-The Ring of Steel, a guild of powerful knights and warriors, that
mainly focus their defensive powers. They are noble players, that seek
to vanquish all evil!

-The Lemurian guild, a guild that teaches the magic of the elements
and mother nature. They have very powerful offensive spells, and are
skilled healers.

And quite a few more guilds are in development.

But this is only a small part of all there is to see, learn,
experience in the world of IceWind.

The MUD itself is highly addictive, at the moment there are about
20-25 players playing actively on the MUD, and we hope to recruit more
every day, so stop by, and take your time to look around. It is a most
enjoyable game, with friendly people, great skills and spells, with
fearsome beasts to slay and great quests to solve!

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