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TMC Player Reviews: Tharsis Gate

Review Submitted By: Mike (Poeun, Cuddles, Lucid, Bedlam (deseased))
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Tharsis Gate: About 7 years ago.
Submission Date: Aug 18, 2004
TMC Listing: Tharsis Gate

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Mike (Poeun, Cuddles, Lucid, Bedlam (deseased))] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the game among the
reg's (regular players - some on low-level new chars that they've
made) is how much conversation is going on. People talk about
anything and everything on the Gossip channel (and every other
channel, there are many.)

The average age range for the players seems to be from 15-30, and
the topics of coversation can waver all over the place. For us
old schoolers, the MUD is largely based on conversing now, more
than playing. But we still do use our player characters (those of
us who also have builders/wizard characters) because we still try
to increase their size in various skills, and try to rack our
brains ('Wait, we have brains now?!') at solving any new quest
that is added to the MUD.

Our homepage is currently being worked on, and upgraded to something
a little less n00bish. heh

Well, i'm not much of a writer right now, because i've just woken
up (at 4am) and am anxious to play the MUD. And because i have
a short attention span (which would explain a lot of my deaths.

For newcomers wanting pointers, i guess i would suggest a race
like Humans to test the waters with. They have a good amount of
STR (strength) max (when you 'rearrange' it to 18 - you have the
option to rearrange once) thus allowing you to carry a fair bit
of armor. Their DEX (dexterity) and WIS (wisdom) (also when
maxed out at 18) give you nice melee and defense bonuses on
your skills (TG is a skill based levelling MUD.) Ways of healing
(Hit points(Hp) and Guild points (Gp) (TG's form of mana, you
increase Gp when you join a guild)) include: sleep, drinking
booze, eating food, certain armors, and from players in a Guild
that have healing gcommands (guild commands.)

Also, raising the skill (other.stamina) higher controls
how much Hp you have. The more you have, the more chance you get
of increasing you Hp recovery rate awake and asleep. Drunkeness
also affects recovery rate. Having a high CON (constitution also
allows you to eat and drink more.)

Welp, those are just the basics. For more questions, when you
log-in, you can immediately use the newbie channel (Syntax:
newbie hi) to ask anything. As with all MUDs, people prefer
that you read all the helpfiles (Syntax: 'help' will list all
the categories to choose from) pertaining to what it is you'd
like to know first. That saves a lot of time. Though, with the
right attitude, people will more than likely offer you their

That's all for now.

Happy adventuring :),
Mike the no-lifer.

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