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TMC Player Reviews: Elephant Mud

Review Submitted By: raisraes
Author Status: Player
Started on Elephant Mud: Jan 2000
Submission Date: Jun 10, 2011
TMC Listing: Elephant Mud

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [raisraes] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Love the mud! Been playing it for ten years and still love it. It's
a creative mud and Larnen/wizards have sacrificed a great deal of time
and effort to make this mud. It's a challenging mud however the
commands are easy to understand and reasonable. It's very organized
and easy to understand however the mud world is vast.

In my opinion, once you have reached level #5 you have a handle on
the mudplay. I would like to encourage anyone the give the mud a try.
Most of the players are friendly and helpful *cough* rogues even! See
ya soon!

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