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TMC Player Reviews: Hell

Review Submitted By: XenoDragon
Author Status: Player
Started on Hell: two months ago (roughly)
Submission Date: Feb 9, 2011
TMC Listing: Hell

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [XenoDragon] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

To review hellmoo, is alot like reviewing a porno; No matter how you
look at it someone is going to be offended and no child (or for that
matter, anyone with emotions) should ever be present.

The PvE aspect of hellmoo is extremely fun and addictive, especially
mutating your character to shape it in unique ways that alter how
you've been playing up till that point. The 'jobs' (see:quests) are
pretty unique, ranging from selling drugs to crackheads to
administering medical care to patients in a hospital and
corps(See:guilds, they love it when you call them guilds) can accept
contracts to perform other jobs or kill objectives.

With that being said, hellmoo suffers from a common MUDflaw:Badmins
there sometimes referred to in HM, imagine being the plaything for
someone who can type a few words and shoot you into outer space. Worse
yet is the PvP system, no place is 100% safe and its very common to be
mowed down by someone that was simply bored or wanted to test out
there new overpowered exploit weapon on your fragile skull.(Probably
ruining hours of real life time.) Once you lose your Newbie tag it
gets worse ten fold, especially on the weekends when a full 10-15
players of the 30-40 online are devout griefers in the 'COPS' corp.

There are a few rules in place, but mostly only the ones concerning
ALTs are enforced, and spamming. Due to a remarkable number of legally
blind people playing hellmoo(Not kidding, they use screenreaders)
spamming in combat can get you perma banned, and anyone involved in
the fight (IE few guys are jumping one, one of the attackers spams)
can also be temp banned. (Worth noting however that the one case of
this iv heard of, involved a COPS player being attacked so it may
simply be badmin favoritism at work)

There newbie system is pretty deplorable, though it does offer some
shelter: when you first make a character, your eventually given the
option to join the newbie corp which has a HQ that has built in
crafting stations, a place you can safely log out, a donation bin and
important items can spawn in the cabinets around the HQ. (Including
medical kits, 'cocoons' which can save your gear if you die, and
ropes for climbing.) N-tags also provide there own form of defense:
killing a n-tag more than once in a short interval with out
provocation is a rule violation and some higher players will avenge
n-tags......unless COPScorp is involved, then they are generally given
a off handed comment about avoiding said COPS member in the future.

Most public areas have cameras that will alert local authorities when
someone kills someone else in view of them, however they will never
get there in time to save you or even trouble your attacker. If they
die after getting 'stars'(flagged by law enforcement, more or less.)
they can go to prison for a time, which can be a hassle but most
higher players will not be terrible troubled by this threat.

In closing: Hellmoo has great potential, but is unlikely to ever
reach its full potential as a MUD powerhouse......between its badmins
and griefcore playerbase its capacity to grow is severely hampered to
the point that most new players will not stay once they are over the
initial fun, some may cling in hopes of keeping the good times rolling
but invariably someone will beat them into a pulp and turn Hellmoo
into Lamemoo.

I can say up to that point, you'll probably have a blast.
PARTING WARNING: Hellmoo takes 'mature theme' to a whole new level,
to the point that some of the players actually believe the game has
'pedophilia roots' (Because hellmoo uses a age system, you get older
with time/deaths/mutations, but start out at the age of 13 fully
capable of uh reproductive activities.) So the faint of heart should
look elsewhere, while those that enjoy crude humor will never get over
throwing body parts into adjacent rooms.

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Comment Submitted By: Nick
Author Status: Player
Started on Hell:
Submission Date: Feb 27, 2011

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Nick] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

You'll have a blast. Until an admin freaks out and IP bans you over

Comment Submitted By: Senthis
Author Status: Player
Started on Hell: Feb 25 2011
Submission Date: Mar 11, 2011

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Senthis] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

This review is 100% accurate, the game is amazing. For the first week
or so I played I was PKed every day or two. I had read up and knew not
to say anything about it, luckily. I was immersed and couldn't stop
playing. Then the griefing hits, and it gets bad, fast. Unfortunately
there is nothing you can do about it either. I watched a few groups
crumble who had gotten strong enough to try to fight the griefing COPS
corp. Most quit, the rest took the other way, if you can't beat em
join em. It's a pity because the game itself was unbelievably well
made, especially considering the content. I do recommend giving it a
shot though, before it gets too much its a great game.. Soon hopefully
someone will make a close version of it and have a better player base.
I'll be hard pressed to find a game as good.