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TMC Player Reviews: Hell

Review Submitted By: kishe
Author Status: Player
Started on Hell: 3 months ago
Submission Date: Aug 10, 2010
TMC Listing: Hell

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I wasn't a big fan of MUDs until I found out about Hell moo. It has
more content than many of the ones I tried before it and the world
feels living and very ambient. There's always something to do,
somewhere to go and I like the submersion of the world to the point
I'm surprised more of the players aren't actually roleplayers.

Needless to say I quit WoW for this one.

-Lots of mutations, skills and items to use.
-World is large with lots of places of interest for you to visit.

-Plenty of players active at any given time of day and 'newbie
corporation' is there to help you get started.

-Combat and quests are well designed and entertaining.

-Flying superman style, piloting airplanes, riding motorbikes,
sailing with ships and even skateboarding around makes traveling the
world fun.

-Playerbase consists of all sorts of interesting people.

-Admins are active and willing to discuss issues with players.

-Some skills, mutations or items seem to lack any usable

-Lag can be quite high at peak hours.

-Playerbase consists of all sorts of interesting people.

-Bored admins are dangerous!

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