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TMC Player Reviews: BatMUD

Review Submitted By: Krya
Author Status: Player
Started on BatMUD: June 1st, 2010
Submission Date: Jun 10, 2010
TMC Listing: BatMUD

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Krya] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I have played many MUDs over the years and decided to give Batmud a
try. To start, their java based client is AMAZING. All the information
is in the right place, the overworld map makes navigation a breeze and
It's generally very intuitive and delightful. I wish every MUD on the
internet had one of these babies tuned up for it!

The newbie channel has been, by and large, very helpful with my,
numerous, questions. Other channels are different, however, 'bat',
the primary channel is largely a haven for the 'good ole boys', and
people forming groups will usually have little time for a low level
member trying to squeeze in. This is not to say that I didn't get
help! A few members, especially Morag, took me aside to group, and
those were fantastic times. Just don't expect it consistently, there
aren't Morags to go around. Most seem to prefer to party with those
who already have great levels and very high trained skills/spells.

The skill/spell system is a touch unforgiving. You really need to
have things basically mastered to use them with any amount of
efficiency, and saving the xp to do that is no mild challenge. For
example: It took 516 thousand xp to get 'Attack' to 100%. Attack is
one of THE most basic skills that determines your basic accuracy with
melee weapons. Getting this to 100%, which is not as high as it can
go, is considered just part 1 of even starting to be a front row
person. Don't think that 100% means it always works, either. With
100% attack, I still miss about 30% of the time against easy/very easy
mobs. Similarly, with 63% fire building, I often have to try two to
five times to actually get a fire going.

Group combat is smooth and simple, especially with the client. You
can see your allies' health and stamina and magic points swiftly and
react to the adapting situation as needed. I have no complaints about
the party system. Well done.

Crafting seems to be a large part of the game, but as a ranger, I was
not able to see too much of this. I did discover that my 'make
bandage' skill required cotton, which requires 30 plant lore to find
and pick, but you can only pick cotton in the autumn. A rude surprise
to discover AFTER investing the XP to make it possible. D'oh.

I could also turn corpses into various bits of armor, but I couldn't
tell how good they were with any amount of accuracy, so most was
simply turned into a bit of extra income at the shop in town.

A merchant will have to give a better report on player crafting.
Player cities seem very flexible. I didn't have (even a dream of
obtaining) enough money to build one, but I saw many and entered a
few. They were just as serviceable as main cities, but built at the
whim of their owners. Very nice. +points.

Overall I rate Batmud as a challenging game with a lot of detail and
options. If you're willing to surmount the high cliff of entry, you
may find a game you can sink a lot of time into.

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