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TMC Player Reviews: The Builder Academy

Review Submitted By: Ryan Stuck(Rave-Bosstone)
Author Status: Player
Started on The Builder Academy: 1991
Submission Date: Apr 23, 2010
TMC Listing: The Builder Academy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Ryan Stuck(Rave-Bosstone)] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Tba is a great place to learn how to become a online world builder
for any MUD codebase. At The Builders Academy you can quickly learn
the basics of building that can lead you to many very good areas.
Complete with the freshest Oasis OLC around and the latest DG Scripts,

TBA can have you up and building the area of your dreams in no time.
The simple to use On Line Creation tool allows builders to make
objects, rooms, mobs and shops with he greatest of ease. Quest edit
makes designing a fun area easy with multiple quest type options! The
scripting system is very easy to learn and very thorough giving the
builder the ability to make anything do anything....seriously.

Come on in, TbaMUD is stable as can be and offers a huge community of
mudders to collaborate with. Come build, play or help out!

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Comment Submitted By: Rumble
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: 2000
Submission Date: Jan 15, 2018

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Thank you for the review!