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TMC Player Reviews: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

Review Submitted By: Berserker
Author Status: Player
Started on Star Wars Mud (SWmud): 1994
Submission Date: Dec 14, 2008
TMC Listing: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Berserker] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

SWmud (the original Star Wars MUD) is one of the most original and
friendly muds I've been on. The code base is a HEAVILY modified
LP-mud. While SWmud doesn't follow a specific timeline or event,
most of the areas are set anywhere between the time period of the
original trilogy and up to 10 years later.

SWmud is not a heavy
roleplaying environment (it's almost nonexistent, in fact).
Player-killing is restricted. Quests are not required for advancement,
though some will be beneficial to that end. Players are not allowed
to have multiple characters or to use scripts via telnet clients,
such as zMud.

The mud currently has around 40 very large planets and space stations,
with more being added each year. The most recently opened planet is
Af'El, the Defel homeworld. However, if your interests lie more in
Space, SWmud has a 3-D space flight system unlike anything you might
find elsewhere.

New characters start in the creation process where they choose one
of 21 current races, set up their attributes (Strength, Dexterity,
Mechanical, Technical, and Force), and choose their team (Rebel,
Imperial, or Neutral). Once set up, they continue by going through
a newbie school to introduce them to the most basic commands that
they will need to know, as well as how to find more useful
information should they need it. After that, they have access to a
Newbie line to ask questions of Newbie Helpers (NHs) until they
reach level 6.

Once you leave Newbie School, you can choose up to 3 of 10 guilds
(Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Mercenary, Merchant, Pilot,
Scientist, Slicer, Smuggler, and Jedi [with some restrictions]).
Each guild comes with a variety of skills that you receive as you
gain levels. Each race also comes with 2 racial skills. As you use
skills, you gain skill proficiency.

From there, newbies (levels 1-4) have the option of going into the
Newbie Simulator environment to find monsters (and quests) of their
level, or they can venture out on shuttles into the universe for
equipment and experience.

Equipment is not saved on SWmud, but it's OK because good equipment
isn't too hard to come by when the mud reboots (every 75 hours
currently), at least not until you get into the High Mortal levels
(20-50). Rebel and Imperial teams also have donation bins where
team members may donate or borrow equipment left for the team,
assuming they meet the donation restriction of the item.

Diplomat players who reach level 15 may petition to join the Player
Council, which has some ability to help police players, as well as
to marry/divorce players and create/remove Newbie Helpers. Use of
these commands is strictly monitored for abuse.

And for those wishing to become a Jedi - you can. There are some
- You cannot start out with Jedi as your primary guild, only as a
- You must reach level 5 before you can find a Jedi Master (an NPC)
who will instruct you in the Jedi or Dark arts.
- Before the Jedi Master will teach you Jedi skills, you must find
a High Mortal Jedi sponsor (a player) who will accept you as a
padawan or apprentice. Most HM Jedi players have information
regarding their own personal requirements of padawans/apprentices
in their descriptions.

Partying, or grouping, is available and encouraged, though you
can easily go off on your own to explore new places and/or gather
experience for yourself. SWmud has an extremely versatile environment.

All of this information and more you can find on the extensive SWmud
web site: You can essentially learn almost
everything there is to know about playing SWmud from the web site
before you ever create a character.

Many people have found it to be a wonderful experience. The mud
has been around since 1994, and so have some of the players. If
you really like the Star Wars universe, you'll really love SWmud!

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