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TMC Player Reviews: WindyCity MUX

Review Submitted By: Argentus
Author Status: Player
Started on WindyCity MUX: About Two Weeks Ago
Submission Date: Oct 6, 2008
TMC Listing: WindyCity MUX

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Argentus] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

This review is from the perspective of a person who is essentially
new to Windy City, rather than a long-time player or a returning one.
My expectations were shaped by the works that the MUX is based upon,
rather than some idea of 'how things used to be' or 'how things
should be'.

The turn-around for a character of average power was remarkably
quick. There was a staffer available to give me tips on the system and
which roles might be interesting to play. It is also worth noting that
there were character and RP-hook suggestions in the character creation
rooms, as well as ideas available by a softcode command. All of this
combined took me from a fairly nebulous idea to a concrete one within
a half an hour.

Another reviewer noted that the game allows new players to jump in
with some fairly substantially powerful characters. Personally, I
don't see that as a downside. One thing Windy City is not is a static
sandbox for a few old time players and staff where everyone else takes
a back seat.

I was on the grid and playing within an hour and invitations for RP
rolled in at what I consider to be a fairly impressive speed. Both the
staff and the players took the time to not only be cordial to a new
player, but to help them get hooked into the RP quickly and easily.

Another interesting point to note is that I have never seen a MUX
with this much coding before. From the various +census commands to
tell you what is being played (and how often) to weather reports, to
commands for the political ranks of the members of your faction to ...
well, just about anything is covered.

Combat and skill resolution is a little slow and I feel that this one
of the only areas of the MUX that I can point to and say I'd like
this to be done better. It feels just a touch archaic and clunky for
2008, but I am fully willing to admit that is a matter of personal and
subjective taste.

While I'd like to see more people online at any one time (hence this
review), I can wholeheartedly recommend the MUX for a person who likes
Urban Fantasy and the Anita Blake universe in general. Windy City will
provide you with hours of entertaining, interesting and varied RP in a
friendly, fun environment with involved, fair-minded staff.

I couldn't ask for anything better.

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Comment Submitted By: Lyle
Author Status: Staff member
Started on WindyCity MUX: 2003
Submission Date: Dec 11, 2011

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Lyle] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I'll admit, the combat system can be awfully clunky. I've tinkered
with it so 'here's it at the simplest, and here's it at the most
complex; feel free to go with where-ever you want along that
spectrum' is an option, but obviously a lot of that depends on OOC
cooperation between ICly opposed folks.