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TMC Player Reviews: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

Review Submitted By: Berserker
Author Status: Player
Started on Star Wars Mud (SWmud): 1997
Submission Date: Sep 4, 2008
TMC Listing: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Berserker] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

New to doing mud reviews or any reviews on any game, but let's put
that aside and I'll try my best.

I've been playing Swmud on and off for about 10 years now and the
gameplay is unlike any i have seen on many other muds and i've
played ALOT of muds out there, but always wind up back here. If
you're a starwars fan i strongly suggest that you stop by here.
Enough of that, i'll start with all the nice features it has.

Swmud has 10 guilds: assassin, bounty hunter, diplomat, jedi,
mercenary, merchant, pilot, scientist, slicer, and smuggler. Each
guild comes with an average of 30 unique skills. Player can choose
three guilds for their character, with the option of taking a fourth
guild at higher levels. Assassin and BH are forced-PK guilds, and
Diplomats are forced non-PK. There are 22 player-races, among them
Bothan, Clawdite, Falleen, Wookiee, and Zabrak. Each race comes with
two unique race skills and bonuses. Swmud also has movable vehicles,
ranged combat and an extensive space combat system. You can also build
your own ship that is stored safely when you are not playing.

An also neat feature of Swmud is that it offers you the choice to
chose a team. Want to be part of the empire? Join the Imperial team or
if you want to be part of the Rebel scum select the Rebel team. Want
to a profiteer during a time of war? Choose to go neutral. Choosing a
faction also allows you access to the team room and donation bin for
some some decent gear from generous teammates *unless you're neutral!
no bin for you, but you're able to PK anyone you want..which is nice*

Anyway, Swmud already has a decent sized playerbase of at least 15
people logged on at all times, but they could always use some new
bantha fodder so come join Swmud (and hopefully you'll join the PK
side of the game! Oh did i mention that the pk system is one of the
best pk systems i've seen? Relies more on player skill than the guild
you're in, but the guild's you chose also does play a part in how
well you do i'm not gonna lie so okay it's like 70% player skill and
30% guild combination). But anyway, stop by and join the fun.

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