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TMC Player Reviews: StormHunters

Review Submitted By: Hellfire
Author Status: Player
Started on StormHunters: few years ago
Submission Date: Aug 1, 2008
TMC Listing: StormHunters

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Hellfire] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've been playing Stormhunters for a while, and i figured i would
throw my two cents in after reading that review left by 'J'.

I've been playing ACK!muds as well as other types (godwars, swrs,
circle, etc.), and at no point have I ever been on a mud where the
immortals are not only constantly coding and bringing in new concepts
and ideas, but actively fixing old bugs to improve the simplicity of
gameplay. The typical problem is ACK!mud is messed up to begin with so
much of the normal ACK!mud functions such as areas, regen, walking
around, casting spells, melee damage, etc.. is almost ALWAYS exactly
the same on every ack!mud.

The difference here is it's all been completely rewritten whether
with snippets of code or manually. Much of the problems the previous
reviewer ('J') had were based on a lot of this new code coming in
without being able to anticipate new players who aren't familiar with
the old way of doing things reacting to the new code. I can honestly
say the biggest problem I had was figuring out the new creation
system. As far as getting around, that i kind of learned through
exploring and asking players. Now I know my way around pretty much
entirely by memory.

In response to Jethro's claim that players are AFK or don't help,
I'd have to disagree entirely. Many players do idle AFK, but I don't
think i've logged in a year when i was the only active player or
immortal online. One of the best things i've found about this MUD is
that if as a newbie you ask for help or explain you have a problem
with something, the imms will either give you an answer or fix it 9/10
by the next reboot whether it's adding code to make the mud easier
for a screenreader (used by blind players) or simply adding a

I've found if you want to get the full experience of this mud, you
need to play it for around two or three months. Like every other mud
out there, you need to put time in to really enjoy yourself. 10/10

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